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#1 Re: CE4 Publisher » Power outage - all publishing instances vanished » 2016-03-22 05:01:28

Thank you, Rod! I trashed the LR preferences file and almost everything appears to have recovered immediately! Too good to be true. I'm sincerely grateful.

#2 CE4 Publisher » Power outage - all publishing instances vanished » 2016-03-22 03:58:15

Replies: 4

My computer suffered a power outage whilst LR was busy publishing an album. On starting LR up again, it defaulted to an initial installation type of screen, and all adjustment settings and panel layouts had gone. Having got LR working reasonably normally, I now - horrified - discover that all publishing instances have disappeared.

In the left-hand column, I see, greyed out, "? TTG CE4 Publisher (missing plug-in)" as the old heading, and nothing underneath where all the album sets and albums were. If I right-click on this, I get the LR Publishing Manager: "Can't use Plug-in "TTG CE4 Publisher" The "nil" plug-in is not installed or not functioning properly."

I have the same in all my catalogs, so it is not catalog-related.

Any suggestions how to recover?

#3 Re: CE4 Publisher » several passwords per album » 2016-03-12 00:03:08

Thanks, Ben, for your reply. I was afraid it would be this. Perhaps something to put on a wish list for a future update?

#4 CE4 Publisher » several passwords per album » 2016-03-11 22:53:00

Replies: 2

Please redirect me to any previous answer to such a question:

Suppose I have an album set consisting of 1000 photos in 4 albums. Each album has 250 photos consisting of 50 photos of each of 5 sporters. Since these sporters are under 18, I wish to restrict viewing access to each group of 50 photos so that the parents of one child cannot access the photos of another.  This has come up because of privacy laws and I need to address it.  Compare it to an image bank of school photos (which I have no experience with).

I use 50 as an example but this might well be 10 in one case and 200 in another. I do not see it as an option to make an separate album for each person. I have 100,000 images or so to deal with.

Whilst I am familiar with the "Enable password" feature in albums, it would be handy if I could select the images involved, in the strip, and fill in some password in the exif , just as with using "category" for pricing schemes in the shopping cart, which works great. Is this possible? If not, is there a workaround? Thanks!

#5 Re: CE4 Publisher » database access unusually slow » 2016-02-18 00:52:37

Thank you, Rod. I have sent the necessary things to Ben and await his opinion.

#6 CE4 Publisher » database access unusually slow » 2016-02-17 23:45:46

Replies: 2

I shall not be the first to have posed this question, but here we go.

I have a very fast internet connection and have no internet problems up (12Mbps) or down (92Mbps).

My database, cart etc is all working fine in principle, but it has recently become very slow. To publish an image now takes up to one minute, while 10-15 seconds per image used to be the norm. Deleting an image also takes about 30 seconds, whilst deletion of say 20 images used to be achieved in about 15 seconds in total.

How can I test the integrity of the database? Could I copy it by FTP to my computer, manually delete it on the server, and upload it again? Would that be like rewriting a pc's registry to just put things in the right order? Or would that be asking for trouble, as I fear?

#7 Re: CE4 Cart » Cart "unavailable" » 2016-01-07 16:24:00

I shall investigate the hosting suggestion, Rod. In the meanwhile, browsing round my host's settings options, I notice that every (TTG) gallery folder has a .htaccess file with the following contents:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^(.*)-single.*php$ single.php?id=$1 [L]

Presumably this has been generated by TTG? There is also a more extensive .htaccess file (with much more "IfModule" stuff) at the same level as my root folder. The small files mention single.php and I wonder if this command is invoked when the single html image is called for, and if it is this that causes some delay or hiccup. Right now I am unable to reproduce the "cart unavailable" problem. The popup does not appear today! Yesterday it came up all the time.

To be continued...

#8 CE4 Cart » Cart "unavailable" » 2016-01-07 04:32:09

Replies: 3

I know that Rod and Ben have advised on this a while ago (I tried adding this question to that 2013 topic but have not heard anything so am now posting it as a new topic), but now I too am running more and more frequently into the "shopping cart unavailable...please contact the photographer etc" popup, not just when the visitor first accesses the galleries folder, but randomly during browsing of the galleries. The cart works perfectly the whole time, however, so showing visitors a all too frequent popup, however briefly, misleadingly stating that the cart is unavailable, must put people off from browsing further. When I browse my own galleries on the net (on a fast computer), I certainly find this popup most annoying. Sometimes it appears at every press of a thumbnail.

In the past Rod or Ben attributed this behaviour to the contents of a htaccess file. What specifically could cause this popup to appear? Is there perhaps a way to disable the popup entirely?

I am not an expert on server-side matters and have hosted with powweb happily for well over 10 years. 

Thank you in advance for help solving this.

#10 CE4 Publisher » how to move photos from one album to another in Publisher » 2015-12-24 04:05:51

Replies: 2

Suppose I have 10 photos residing in album1 in AlbumsetA and another 10 in album2 residing in AlbumsetB, am I correct in thinking there is no simple drag-and-drop way to move certain photos from album1 into album2 and have them correctly moved by Publisher in the database and their links updated?

As far as I can make out, drag-and-drop within Publisher simply makes copy entries from album1 into album2 and one has to delete the originals from album1 and re-publish them (with all the time that involves) as new photos from album2? I cannot find a way to obviate the need to generate the transferred images all over again. I feel there must be a way!

#11 CE4 Publisher » Search function error message » 2015-12-09 17:57:33

Replies: 1

Not sure if this question (and its secondary question) belongs here or in "Gallery".

The TTG search function on my site works fine if I search for a single name, such as Bemmel.

However, if I search for the full surname, in this case Van Bemmel, I receive an instant error message:
Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Where should I look for such an error log, exactly, and why would I get an error in the first place? The name Van Bemmel is in the database. Strangely enough, I receive no error message when searching for my home town Alphen aan den Rijn, which occurs in every gallery and is correctly found by Search.

I suspect my database may be corrupt and would very much like to re-upload all metadata without exporting the images, which takes about an hour for 300 images and I have thousands. The database got messed up when using the Voyager plugin (more about that another time) and I had to restore many galleries from my hosting provider's backup system. The galleries are all working again but perhaps there is messy caption or other metadata in the database. Seeing as the images have all been restored, LR will not let me push metadata only (despite being set up as "Push metadata without updating existing photos" in the Publishing instance) and insists on doing a complete export. But all the photos are already on the server and correctly found and indexed in /galleries/. I just wish I could push all the carious galleries' metadata again to make sure the database has it all in the right place. But how, I wonder.

#12 CE4 Publisher » Publishing instances - how to move from one catalog to another » 2015-12-04 19:52:38

Replies: 1

If this is documented within the forum or docs, please point me in the right direction (thank you).

When setting up my site with Publisher the first time, I used input from various LR existing (large) catalogs such as (simplified) Private2014, Private2015, Press2014, Press2015 and whatever. This sort of separation of photos I need to maintain in the future too. Numbers of images are huge.

Various publishing instances were set up in the various catalogs but this is leading to conflicts over time. I wish to combine all the Publishing services (Stage, auto-index, galleries etc) in the Library module of the various catalogs into the most recent, catalog, and into any future catalog such as Work2016, so that (at least the main structure of) my site can be managed from one catalog.

I cannot find out how to do this (move or copy publishing instances and their contents) without risking Publisher messing up the database on my server. Suggestions will be very welcome.

#13 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Unable to use circle or feedback icon links or enlarge thumbnail » 2015-12-02 01:23:09

Having updated Pages and all other software to the latest versions (however minor the difference) the CRG seems to work as intended. The reason the large single image link was not working in CRG was due to it not being standard programmed to work in the CRG engine; only the mobile "Large Image Presentation" was supplied as "Magnific"; the "Presentation: desktop" was blank ("out of the box) and now that I have chosen Magnific there too, the single image is generated as in all my other galleries. I don't dare to use a CRG in the real (client) world until I am really sure it is how I want it so perhaps I shall have more questions later. But for now, thanks Rod and colleagues.

#15 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Unable to use circle or feedback icon links or enlarge thumbnail » 2015-11-28 16:16:37

Well, I see that all 20 files in the js directory on the server have the same date; in my case 22 January 2015, when I must have installed them. The jquery file is jquery-1.11.0.min.js so is clearly a bit older. Presumably this is critical?

Now here's a strange thing. When I search my TTG software downloads in my pc, I do find the 1.11.3 version in several packages. I currently run, according to LR's web module top right box,
Pages 7.0.14  (I have 7014a although the "a" is not mentioned in LR)
CRG 6.1.2
Auto Index 7.0.7
Stage 6.1.4
Gallery 6.1.8

So perhaps I have at some time neglected to upload to the server, or have uploaded incorrectly, these new js files. I find the same older 1.11.0 version in the js directory in my Stage files online. And in the gallery template which the sample gallery, mentioned earlier, uses, and elsewhere too. In fact, as far as I can see, version 1.11.3 occurs nowhere on my server.

Does this then imply that all templates should be re-exported to the server when a new version of the software is installed, to keep them inline with the pc?

#16 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Unable to use circle or feedback icon links or enlarge thumbnail » 2015-11-28 04:35:54

Hallo Rod, thank you for your reply. I do indeed have the "share resources" box checked somewhere. My LR web engines display "Version 7.0.14" when I select the CE4 Pages engine top right in the web module. I am pretty sure I am using all the latest versions of the software everywhere.

For what it is worth: I note that the circle and pen icons work fine in the LR preview window, just not in the published gallery. I had not tested them in the preview window before. The pen icon generates a nice-looking comments form as it is no doubt supposed to do.

#17 CE4 Client Response Gallery » Unable to use circle or feedback icon links or enlarge thumbnail » 2015-11-28 03:33:29

Replies: 8

Having become used to CE4 publisher working and working and working faultlessly for months on end (and amazed at this) I decided to install CE4 CRG yesterday. As a reasonably seasoned TTG user I managed to follow all the documentation to the letter and get all software in the right places alongside fellow templates, plugins, etc both on pc and server. And I had hacked a gallery template (not the first time) to use as a CRG template, saved it using the CRG engine etc etc all with success but for some password conflicts which I think I can get to the bottom of eventually.

But now I am stumped by some error undoubtedly caused by my own mistake somewhere. My published gallery (which shows in the page source online "meta generator CE4 Client Response Gallery 6.1.2., via Publisher") refuses to let the viewer use the circle or pen icons or to click on the thumbnail for an enlargement. I cannot figure out why not. In the Client Response Setup the checkbox "Enable Image Selection" is checked, as is the "Enable Feedback Features".

Can you perhaps suggest where I should start looking to remedy any mistakes or conflicts? Thanks!

I should add that a sample (problematic) gallery can be seen at and the temporary logins are infoATsharrottDOTcom and mediahuis

#18 Re: CE4 Publisher » General error: 5 database is locked » 2015-03-03 01:42:23

Hello Ben. Thanks for your suggestions.

My FTP software or my host will not allow me to copy a file within a folder; I can find an FTP command for move etc but not for copy. However, I copied the master.sq3 to my local pc, duplicated it there with a new name, loaded it to the server and renamed it to master.sq3 after first having renamed the old master.sq3 to master-upto2015-03-02.sq3.  I assume this has the same effect as defragmenting a file on a local disk.

It seemed (note the past tense) to solve the problem as I was able to delete and add images with Publisher again as usual.... for about 100 images, then the system ground to a halt gradually, eventually producing a similar error 5 (database locked) message in Lightroom to that which I mentioned earlier.

However, during the time in which it has taken me to write this, LR and/or master.sq3 seems to have sorted out its bottleneck, and happily accepts the publishing of more images.... or so I thought; it started off quite merrily but took about 30 minutes to publish 10 images.

Just for the record, I optimize my LR catalogs daily when backing them up.

Is it possible that the host cannot keep up with the speed of LR output when it is updating master.sq3? My master.sq3 is a huge file of 60MB.  The gallery web-page generation does not suffer, however, and my site has never operated more smoothly than it does at present.

In the meanwhile, I have also written to my host provider asking if they can check the file at their end as to why it is so difficult to write to. Perhaps they can find something. If only there were some dos command like chkdsk for this!

#19 CE4 Publisher » General error: 5 database is locked » 2015-03-02 20:21:10

Replies: 3

Is this something I can fix or is it a problem with my host? Yesterday no problems with Publisher activities; today I am unable to do anything in the way of adding images, deleting images, editing albums etc. I tried removing a few images from a new album within phplite (to remove the whole small album and its contents to see if that would help) but even phplite gives the same error message when I click "confirm" to delete selected images:

Error: database is locked.
This may be a bug that needs to be reported at

Each attempt to use Publisher within LR results in lengthy error messages which I cannot cut and paste, but only copy as a screendump, such as

Can't update this collection.
An internal error has occurred: JSON.lua:458: JSON.lus:197 can't parse JSON at char 1 of: SQLstate[HY000]: General error: 5 database is locked
ÍNSERT INTO `photo`etc etc

#20 Re: CE4 Cart » Easy cookie warning popup? » 2015-03-01 04:07:44

I have implemented Ben's script in my gallery template's ttgcart.hooks.js and it generates the desired message in a modest way as soon as the viewer clicks on the cart icon on a thumbnail. It goes away nicely if one accepts cookies. The page reloads as expected if one clicks on "cancel".

However by following the moment of cookie placement in Firefox I have now noticed the new cookie appearing at an earlier stage than when using the cart, namely even when the gallery template is first opened or perhaps even on entering the site (I use Stage). I am fairly sure about this since I have removed the cookie from the folder before closing and restarting Firefox. I tried to follow the cookie in IE but could not even find it in the list of cookies, so confess ignorance as far as IE is concerned. The opt-in message works anyway in the same way whether I view the page in IE or in Firefox.

I think the most user-friendly interface would be the moment at which the user clicks the (in my case) "Enter site" button bottom right of the home Stage flip page. This is then the moment at which, at least on my site, the user first accesses the contents of the /galleries/ folder. A cookie opt-in at this moment would appear to me the least intrusive alert for the user before he gets down to business in the site proper.

My question is therefore: can I use a similar hook in some other .js file to provoke the cookie opt-in message into action at an earlier stage?

#21 Re: CE4 Cart » Easy cookie warning popup? » 2015-02-27 03:34:06

I like things as simple as possible so will work on this; thanks for the link, which is really useful. I am not going to try to stop the cart working; the main thing is to wake people up to the fact that that cookies are going to be used, and at least one of those w3schools scripts would appear to be just what is needed for now. Thanks, Rod.

#22 Re: CE4 Cart » Easy cookie warning popup? » 2015-02-27 00:28:34

I would be curious to know how other commercial CE4 users within the EU have dealt with this. It is becoming virtually impossible to open any commercial, insurance, local government or whatever website (other than a purely private site) without the visitor being notified on the home page of the fact that cookies are required for normal operation (or as the case may be) and giving the visitor the option to accept this fact by clicking "I agree" or declining it by "I do not accept this", which is fine, but the website will not work and in fact in many cases will not proceed further than the home page.

This is a huge problem for the small commercial CE4 user, most of whom may not be aware of the requirements or may choose to ignore them until some authority catches up with them. I am keen to be seen by my clients to adhere to legal requirements concerning my website, however small and insignificant the site may be.

So whilst a sidebar is a simple solution, it would be intrusive in so far as it is unnecessarily permanently visible, and takes up real estate too. I have not delved into the legal aspects but if I am not mistaken, I believe such a passive statement does not go far enough and some form of interaction by the site visitor is required.  Having had such interaction, the site then operates as normal without the client being bothered any more.

I hope other users will give their ideas/experience and/or solutions.

#23 CE4 Cart » Easy cookie warning popup? » 2015-02-26 16:32:44

Replies: 9

Having noticed the session cookie placed by the cart on my computer and only too aware of all the obligatory cookie warnings that one gets on all European commercial and other websites, and of the fact that my CE4 site does not provide this, I searched this forum and found Tom Owens' and other posts in 2014.

Those posts are too technical for me. I do not use WordPress, or TTG's shared resources, which had been causing problems for me. I just need an obligatory cookie warning with dismiss option to pop up when the cart is opened, or at whatever moment it is that the cookie needs to be placed on the user's computer. Such a friendly popup would need to say that the cookie is needed to serve the cart and that it will be deleted when the browser is closed. Or suchlike.

Is there a simple way to achieve this? I would be able to edit a css or php file in a specific directory if someone can tell me which file(s) and what text I would need to put where. Thanks in advance.

#24 Re: General » Various Problems on Mobile Devices » 2015-02-10 16:05:50

Just lately I have been seeing a strange display of my published galleries on Android devices. I do not have an iPhone to test on, but both my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and my Galaxy Note II smartphone, running Android 4.4.2, currently do not display any published gallery correctly any more. Each image in the gallery is truncated horizontally while loading on the page. Loading is slow, and often ceases after about a quarter of the image appears; not always, but mostly. It is sometimes impossible to proceed to the next image, and only the BACK button works, and even that not always. Display is erratic at best. This happens on  galleries which I created this week and those I created ages ago. Has anyone else such problems with Android devices? The last time I checked a few weeks ago, everything displayed fine. Since a lot of my market will be teenagers on their smartphone, I want to get this working. Perhaps an Android O.S. update is to blame?

Here is a purely sample gallery: … aagbokaal/

#25 Re: CE4 Publisher » Block text in Publisher Search overruled - how? » 2015-01-29 20:19:59

That's an informative answer and also good news about a future update, Ben. As a temporary and quite acceptable solution I have added some simple style coding to the contents of the various search fields and am happy with the presentation both before a user carries out a search and when the results come in.

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