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#1 Re: Backlight 2 Support » "Something went wrong" » 2019-06-12 22:27:31


Thank you for the hint - being away from this for some time, I had forgotten that I had purchased Backlight 2, but hadn't got round to installing it!! I have now upgraded to Backlight 2 and everything is working OK.

Now to actually do some work with it!

Thanks again for your prompt reply.


#2 Backlight 2 Support » "Something went wrong" » 2019-06-12 02:37:35

Replies: 3

I can access my site home page, but clicking on any menu item; And also when I try to access Backlight admin, I get the following message on a red background:

Something went wrong
count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in SimpleHTMLTag.php on line 44

I've no clue where to start, so any help would be appreciated.

Richard Pugh

#3 Re: Backlight Support » Thumbnails per page? » 2018-03-03 01:28:34

Duh! Staring me in the face!!


#4 Backlight Support » Thumbnails per page? » 2018-03-03 00:13:09

Replies: 2

Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but is there any way to control the number of thumbnails per page in an album display - Pangolin Album Template, Classic Layout.

I think I've checked all the possible controls and searched this forum, but so far I've come up blank.

#5 Re: Backlight Support » Masthead formatting » 2018-02-23 02:59:32

Matthew - yes I had seen that, thanks. I found it very useful - it's what got me thinking about Mastheads in the first place.

Daniel - What you (and Rod) say is making a lot of sense, so I'm going down that route for now.

Many thanks to all of you for the rapid and helpful responses.

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Masthead formatting » 2018-02-22 03:37:24

The page you were looking at was a mess - I had been playing with various controls.

The Home page is now as it would be if I just used the graphic that you like - and I'm coming back to liking that one myself, so thanks for the thoughts on reworking for mobile.

The other thoughts that I had were variations on the masthead that is now on my 'About' page - it was this sort of thing that I wondered about doing with css, as it would be easier to experiment than to keep creating graphics?

What do you think?


#7 Backlight Support » Masthead formatting » 2018-02-22 01:06:30

Replies: 6

I would like to set up a masthead with the title and tagline all on one line (i.e. horizontally aligned), but with different fonts/sizes/colours. This doesn't look possible in basic Backlight?

As CSS neophyte, is this possible / easy, or do I need to go into Photoshop and construct an image for this compound masthead?

Any advice welcome!


#8 Re: Backlight Support » First attemp at Backlight - 2 queries and an oddity! » 2016-07-04 01:51:02

Thanks - that all makes sense. I'm sure that there will be othewr things that I trip over, but I'm good for now!


#9 Re: Backlight Support » First attemp at Backlight - 2 queries and an oddity! » 2016-07-04 00:25:15

Matthew - thanks for the idea about 'hide from album set' - that is now working to give the user experience that I wanted - good thought. Although I had to close the browser (Firefox) down and restart it before the family album set became hidden - clearing the cache was not enough - not particularly intuitive - I only stumbled into it by accident, but I'm glad I did before I fired a reply at you saying that it didn't work!!

Rod - thanks for your help - that got rid of the orphan gallery, and I have now populated the album set thumbnails with images - BUT it appears that 'Random' doesn't work for album sets, even when there are populated albums underneath. If I specify 'Random', I get a blank thumbnail. Is this expected?

But all in all, my first couple of days with Backlight have been impressive - it's going to make it much more likely that I actually get on and set up a proper site! So thank to the Matthew and the team.


#10 Backlight Support » First attemp at Backlight - 2 queries and an oddity! » 2016-07-03 03:35:00

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Hi - just spent the afternoon having my first go with Backlight, and this has raised one query, one real oddity, and one which might be either.

The site is at (please ignore the aesthetics for now!!)

1. Query - I have set up a second high level gallery - "family" - which sits alongside the initial backlight "galleries", and successfully published two albums to it. Is there a way for me to apply password protection to "family" so that users sign in once and can then access all albums below it? It appears that I could apply protection to an album set sitting above the galleries, but that would create a redundant level under "family".

2. Oddity - Under galleries, there is an apparent album "Northumbria", which I created within an album set 'family' before I decided to put 'family' as a top level gallery. From LR Publish Services, I deleted the album set 'family', which appeared to delete the album as well. It no longer exists in LR, or on the server, but that odd entry is still there when I click on 'galleries'. Any ideas about how to get rid of it?

3. Query / oddity - the albums under 'family' show thumbnails when I go to 'family', but when I go to 'galleries', the album set 'Botswana' is not showing an image in the thumbnail. What have I done wrong?

All help gratefull received.


#11 Re: General » Responsive masthead? » 2014-02-13 21:02:49


Thanks for setting that straight - yet again I had let myself be confused by something that doesn't work quite right in the LR Web Module preview - when I uploaded to my trial site, it scaled exactly as I wanted it to.

I've still got one oddity - in trying different layouts, I find that if I have the Masthead within Navigation, then as I shrink the window width, it will clip the masthead image until it gets to the point where the menu collapses for mobile - then the whole masthead image scales and displays again.

However, I'm probably not going to use that variation, so it can remain an oddity!


#12 Re: General » Responsive masthead? » 2014-02-12 22:52:43

Ah ! Thanks Rod.

I had read that many months ago, but I'd completely forgotten about it, and this time through, I'd read what I though were the relevant sections of the Wiki, but didn't get as far as the PHP plugin descriptions.

The implication then is that, unlike images, the masthead doesn't get automatically scaled, which is a shame.

What I was trying to achieve is a masthead with text aligned to the left hand edge, and an image aligned to the right hand edge that would work for any window size. I can see the need for an alternative for phones and small tablets as described for the plugin, but can't see how to achieve the full, aligned display given user control over browser window width.

Unless you can suggest another alternative, I think that I'm going to have to redesign my masthead, darn it!


#13 General » Responsive masthead? » 2014-02-12 20:50:14

Replies: 4

I've just come back to my attempts to get a site working with CE3, after a gap of several months, and I don't know whether I'm mis-remembering, or I've got something wrong this time round.

I've created a graphical masthead - a PNG 1140 pixels wide, with text on the left and an image on the right. To my dismay, when I shrink the window to test the responsive design, the masthead doesn't scale, but cuts off the sides of the graphic (or just one side, depending whether I am aligning left or centre). This is using CE3 Pages.

I thought that I'd achieved this previously - or at least seen it on someone else's site. Am I wrong?


#14 Re: General » New User - some CE3 queries and observations » 2013-03-28 04:32:01

Rod, Richam

Thanks for those ideas and answers - it will probably be  a day or two, but I'll try all of that out and let you know how I get on.

Just one point Rod - you call 2) a Firefox issue - and it certainly occurs with Firefox (in my case 18.0.2), where what I see is a fuzzy box with what looks like a hex code inside it.

BUT it also occurs on IE10, which was even more baffling, because that showed absolutely nothing - e.g. the box of controls for the Highslide gallery was just a white box, with nothing showing inside. So is this the same issue, or have I got another problem?

Oh - and where do I find the .htaccess file - I can't seem to find any such file on my server?


#15 General » New User - some CE3 queries and observations » 2013-03-28 01:50:27

Replies: 4

I’m new to TTG – just bought the CE3 bundle last week – and I’m definitely an amateur when it comes to creating web sites, so forgive me if some of this is basic stuff, or has been covered before. I think that I’ve read most of the documentation and tutorials on the web site, and tried to search the forums, so any help would be appreciated.

My objective is simply to create a personal photography showcase (again, as an amateur) using a combination of Pages, Auto Index, Gallery and Publisher – with one wrinkle – see 1 & 2 below.

1.  I am creating a private set of galleries for sharing family photos – it’s not navigable/visible from the main pages - I’m using an Auto Index as the top level starting in a folder  root/family/.  I assume that this is the logical choice, rather than a second instance of Pages, as I want it password protected at the top level?

2.  One issue that’s arisen with this is that I’m trying to use a sub-domain to access the family pages – – which is directed to, and that seems to be causing issues with fonts at the very least.
If I go there explicitly – - everything seems to work just fine.
BUT if I go there via the sub-domain – – then the icons (font awesome??) don’t show – for example, I can’t see the navigation symbols for the Highslide gallery – the controls are there(e.g. if I hover or click), but not visible.
I note that the browser address bar is showing - i.e. without www at the start, so I’m guessing that this is messing up some of the internal addressing? Are there some settings that I can change to make this work?

3.  Different issue – I was surprised to see that there doesn’t appear to be any navigation in either gallery or auto index to go back up to the parent index. Am I missing something?
If not, what’s the easiest way to fix this? Put an entry in the navigation bar with a target of ../ ??

4.  Then password protection threw me a couple of times – firstly – how long does sign-in persist? I was surprised the see that if I navigated away from the protected area – even to closing the browser – that when I went back, I was still signed in – made testing a bit difficult, and could be an issue on a shared computer, no?

5.  Secondly – this one drove me nuts for a while – I’m guessing that there are some restrictions on the format of user name? I set up a user of the form Jack&Jill, which was accepted at set up, but when I came to sign in, it just failed – kept repeating the sign-in window, with no error showing. Initially, totally baffling!!! An error message – either at setup or sign-in would have been really helpful.

All thoughts, suggestions will be gratefully received – even if they are “Don’t be daft – why on earth are you doing it that way” – as I said, I’m new to as lot of this.

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