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#1 Re: Backlight 3 Support » Use of new function RSS Feeds » 2020-06-21 04:24:52

Apologies if this is a dumb question: If RSS is enabled in "Edit Backlight Settings", is the feed automatically created? Is there anything else that needs to be enabled for the feed to be created?

#2 Backlight 3 Support » Google Breadcrumbs issues » 2020-05-11 05:42:26

Replies: 13

Using latest Backlight 3.

I'm getting these messages from Google Search Console:


Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Breadcrumbs issues:

Top Errors

Errors can prevent your page or feature from appearing in Search results. The following errors were found on your site:

Missing field "position"

We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.


Example of an affected file and path: … single.php (some info redeacted, but the number of characters is correct.


This isn't the first time I received this message. I sent Google back to check the file again and it flunked with same error.

Console indicates there are a total of 3 files affected.

Is it possible the filename string is too long?

#3 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Unexpected error: Call to a member function getType() on null in 104-i » 2020-01-21 07:35:42

No worries.

Is this the right version? Lightroom plugin / Publisher version

#4 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Unexpected error: Call to a member function getType() on null in 104-i » 2020-01-21 07:00:51

Hi Rod

It's fixed after I flushed out the cookies in the browser -- at least that's what I think fixed it. This is the same type of error that I've had in the past. Would it have anything to do with deleting a private CRG and then recreating it later using same name, same user, same user credentials?

Lightroom plugin / Publisher version

Thanks again.

#5 Backlight 2 Support » Unexpected error: Call to a member function getType() on null in 104-i » 2020-01-21 06:29:48

Replies: 6

I am getting an error when I try to access specific private galleries which redirects to "" and I get the error message below. I cannot access any of the private galleries unless I am logged in as the admin. I need to fix this asap for clients.

I am up-to-date code for Backlight 2 and client gallery code and have flushed the caches.

This is the error message I keep getting:

Unexpected error: Call to a member function getType() on null in 104-include-2.0.0-1-13-menu_6-admin.view-1.template on line 532

Thank you!

Perry J.

#7 Re: Backlight 2 Support » ADA compliance » 2019-10-31 02:07:04

I agree with Daniel. Ultimately, it would be nice to be able to make selections for what goes in the alt tag. I agree that stuffing the alt tag with too much content could/would water down/mess with the results. From my own experience, when I use the alt tag to name a specific person, place, or vertical/unique item, and I leave it at that, I get the best results from a Google search.

I also want to mention that I have a LR plugin "LR/Instagram" and it provides me with an an extra meta field for hashtags. The hashtags field appears when I select the LR/Insta metadata preset in LR. In this case, I am not really looking for hashtags, I would love to have one for "alt tags" and have that be an option.

As I see it, there are basically three things that go with optimizing the image for search: Unique filename, unique alt tag, unique content.

Beyond that, and FWIW, my very best SEO experience from TTG products was working when I hacked previous CE versions so that I had individual HTML pages for each image where I could coordinate the HTML Title tag, description tag, alt tag, caption/content and URL. I tried going back to that recently using Backlight 2 and I couldn't work out the code using PHP Plugins to the extent it was a good "mobile/responsive" experience. I would still be using my old code but it was not mobile friendly/responsive and eventually go punished in the search engine results which favor mobile friendly.


#8 Re: Backlight 2 Support » ADA compliance » 2019-10-30 02:15:04

Thanks, Matthew!!!

I like Title > Filename > Caption but would accept Title > Caption > Filename.

#9 Re: Backlight 2 Support » image alt tag vs title tag » 2019-10-22 03:23:54

Excellent! I use Backlight 2.

Any chance I can get the specifics on what I need to change/add?



#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » image alt tag vs title tag » 2019-10-21 03:05:55

I might as well ask this now in case this next version doesn't address this issue with the alt tag:

Does anyone know which of these files I need to hack to change the alt tag content to whatever is in the meta "title"? Any other info appreciated.


Thank you!


#11 Re: Backlight 2 Support » image alt tag vs title tag » 2019-10-20 11:51:48

Hello Matthew? Just wanted to say I still am in need of being able to use different content for the alt tag for SEO. Older modified pages of versions of CE performed better with plain text vs filename content. In my case, using content from the title tag works. I don't want to go back to hacking the code to make this work. I am a long time used of TTG products. Please consider option.

Thank you!

#12 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Client Gallery - Question re: "Access code" in TTG Publisher » 2019-07-07 06:30:04

>> if you are attempting to create an album for multiple people where each gets to make and maintain their own selections," then you'll need to create multiple clients in the Client Response area of Backlight.

As I went to duplicate earlier efforts to create a test gallery of 6 photos and assign two people to them to see if selections are maintained independently regardless of either set of selections has been "sent", I am now getting this error message after I try to access the gallery. I have gotten this several times now since I attempted to set up this test gallery:

Unexpected error: Call to a member function getType() on null in 104-include-2.0.0-1-13-menu_6.view-1.template on line 532

None of my private client galleries are functional now when I try to access them through a direct link. The only way I can reach them is through the admin panel and "visit site".

I had earlier submitted a request for support for another issue related to clients and Ben made repairs directly so I don't know if all of this is related. Ben has my credentials for my site.

Thank you for your assist!

#13 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Client Gallery - Question re: "Access code" in TTG Publisher » 2019-07-07 03:39:17

>> While Ben would need to chime in on the specifics of expiry, protected sessions do not persist. For example, quitting the browser will kill the session. Take note of the difference between quitting the browser, and merely closing a tab (while keeping the browser application running).

Just tried it according to your notes which is what I did in my first attempt and described in my initial message -- closed the tab, closed the browser (latest version of Firefox), reopened the browser, opened a new tab, went directly to the private link, and no code was required the second time around. The first session was opened, the code was required and accepted.

Is the information you provided regarding these details in the documentation? If so, please direct me.

In my quest to provide a single gallery to multiple people where each gets to make and maintain their own selections, and when I otherwise setup the single gallery for multiple clients, I note that one client's selections, once "sent", are combined with the next client's selections which have not been sent.

My question: Does the system maintain each client's selections independent of any other clients' selection for the same gallery?

Thank you!

Perry J.

#14 Backlight 2 Support » Client Gallery - Question re: "Access code" in TTG Publisher » 2019-07-05 05:29:32

Replies: 5

I am trying to share a single private client gallery with multiple people so they can each make their own independent selections from the same gallery. Is this possible? I'm trying to do this using "Access Code" rather than assigning multiple people to one gallery.

First question: When exactly does the "Access code" expire in a browser? After accessing a hidden private "access coded" gallery using the access code for the first time (works fine), after which, I close the page and the browser, reopen browser and go back to the gallery, flush the cache and cookies from the last hour, it still lets me access the gallery without the code? Is that what is intended?

I am looking to provide a single link to multiple people along with just one "Access Code"?

Is there a "logout" feature when using an "Access Code"?

Using the access code as described: After selecting "Close Feedback and Clear Feedback in Browser" in "Edit Client Response Settings" and sending selections, the feedback is cleared in the browser, but new feedback is allowed. Is this the way the system is intended to work?

Thanks in advance.

Perry J.

#15 Re: Backlight 2 Support » "Update Feedback" function problem » 2019-06-19 01:43:28

Still need help with this. Should I re-post the question or send it directly to support?


#16 Backlight 2 Support » "Update Feedback" function problem » 2019-06-15 02:17:43

Replies: 3

When I am in "Feedback > View Response" and then click "Update Feedback", the client indicated for that Feedback response is not in synchronization with the client who made the response -- shows a different existing client. Same issue with other Feedback replies. In other cases, when I click "Update Feedback", there is no client info  in the "Update Feedback" screen, however the client is in the Clients list.

I did clear the template cache.

Question: What does "Update Feedback" do?

Is there a fix?

If you want more info, just let me know.

FWIW, I continue to be challenged with finding specifics, this time on "Update Feedback", in the documentation. If it's there's, can't you point me in the right direction? Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

Many thanks for your assist.

Perry J

#17 Backlight 2 Support » Difference between "all" and "selected" counts in client response? » 2019-06-10 02:12:05

Replies: 1

I think I know the answer to this. Tried to find the explanation in the docs and gave up. Sorry if dumb question:

What is the difference between "all" and "selected" counts in client response?

Thank you!!

#19 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Best method for collaborating selections from Client Gallery » 2019-01-30 02:36:03

Thanks, Rod! You are most appreciated :-)

I shoot a lot of bands. Any improvements to these sort of "collaboration" features/functions would be most welcome.

Also would like to see specific explanations in the documentation for "Post Submission Actions". I looked but came up short and wound up asking here.

Thanks again, Rod!

#20 Backlight 2 Support » Best method for collaborating selections from Client Gallery » 2019-01-29 02:49:11

Replies: 4

What method and Backlight settings would you recommend for the following scenario using the Client Gallery:

There are multiple people making selections from a gallery, each person is remote. They all need to see each others selections when they log into the gallery. It does not matter if they see who picked what, they just need to see what has been selected so far.

Once everyone has made their selections from the gallery, I would like just one of those persons to be the one authorized to send the final selections to me.

Here's an important point to make: How would you reopen the gallery for additional selections once the person in charge has send the selections along. They would need to see what their previous selections were if the gallery was reopened.

What "Post Submission Actions" should I use?

#21 Re: Backlight 2 Support » TTG Publisher error message » 2019-01-24 06:24:07

Thanks, Rod.

Wish it optioned to fail, ignore or fixed issue automatically rather than persistent nags.

#22 Backlight 2 Support » TTG Publisher error message » 2019-01-24 04:21:37

Replies: 3

Using TTG Publisher / Backlight 2 - Plugin throws occasional message when publishing photos:

"An internal error has occurred: recordPublshedPhotoUrl: must be called after recordPublishedPhotoId"

I click OK and it continues to publish.

Seems it's related to publishing PSDs. It will first publish a CR2 file, but won't publish the associated PSD version of same file name.


#23 Backlight 2 Support » Can I change contact form subject line? » 2019-01-23 03:41:14

Replies: 1

Is there a way to change the "Subject" line for incoming email from the contact form for Backlight 2?

What I get now is "A new message has been received."

Thank you for your assist.

#24 Re: Backlight 2 Support » image alt tag vs title tag » 2018-07-07 04:23:16

Follow up question:

Does Okapi and Pangolin differ in terms of how the img alt and title tags are populated?

#25 Re: Backlight 2 Support » image alt tag vs title tag » 2018-07-06 04:06:25

Many thanks, Matthew. Greatly appreciated.

Let me take this opportunity to say the ability to publish within Lightroom and use the engine you have created is an excellent combination for me. Frankly, I would be lost without it. I publish a lot of images over a variety of channels on a regular basis. Having looked at your coding in these various elements and the HTML it generates, I've been impressed with the code and your programming skills. As a result, I've been a loyal customer for quite a few years. As expressed in these forums over the years, I always want to be comfortable with the idea that I won't have to switch gears too often. I'm always in hope you will continue to support this product for the years to come. Thank you for what you do.


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