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#1 Re: Backlight Showcase » Website full of uninteresting photos » 2018-03-16 02:29:01

Thanks Rob for your pointers.

The addition of line-height has fixed the pesky overlap, I have changed from A tags to H2 tags and have sorted that gap out.  Now to back it up and play with it some more.

#2 Backlight Showcase » Website full of uninteresting photos » 2018-03-15 23:46:11

Replies: 2

Well, that title may have grabbed your eye for a moment, which my website and photos will not I expect.

I've been a long time user of Matts plugins for Lightroom and adopted Backlight as soon as it was available. What a remarkable job he and the team have done to create this. A massive thank-you from me!

My site is used to show and share my photos to friends and family. I enjoy learning about web based technologies so re-created my site from scratch ( What I found really funny was just how similar in concept and layout it shares with the fantastic site by Thomas Laukat His execution thoughh is far better than mine as well as his photographs.

I have struggled with understanding how CSS integrates but I've started to get the idea now and hope to improve as time goes on. Beats watching TV for sure. 

I've a few niggles off the bat that I can't solve. The first is the overlapping text when switching to Mobile layout, the second is the gap between the Masthead and first menu item in the mobile menu and the last being inconsistent captions which I will remove before long.


#3 Re: Backlight Support » Backlight "areas" and CSS class names used » 2018-03-12 22:52:50

Thanks Guy's for the swift response with the links etc.

Matthew - not taken as being snarky - if the code's the best place to look, then perfect and thanks for letting me know that I need to use a PHPlugin there to get the look I want.


#4 Backlight Support » Backlight "areas" and CSS class names used » 2018-03-12 20:59:30

Replies: 3

Hi all,

Pretty sure in the past I've seen a diagram that shows where all the different areas are located but I can't find it anymore. Was I dreaming it?  Reason for this is that I want to locate an image above the breadcrumb line and I can't work out where to put the code. I can do it under the breadcrumb by putting code in the Copy area but this not what I want.

Also, is there a list of the different CSS classes (is that the correct term?) Backlight uses as a quick reference guide?


#5 Re: Backlight Support » Where are the Pangolin changes? » 2017-06-30 22:29:46

Well, that is strange. I have deleted all the files and directories again, uploaded them and permissioned them as required.  Nothing changed. I bounced the Apache2 web server out of frustration and boom - now it works and I can see the new modules it seems!

Thanks for the helping hand guys - you rock as usual!

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Where are the Pangolin changes? » 2017-06-30 22:20:15

Thanks Matt for letting me know that I should see both in the drop downs. I don't and I can't see anything that is obvious. As my test site is a mirror of my main site, I'm keen to find out why before doing a complete re-install of the system.

Is there any debug I can switch on to see why the Pangolin module4s are not being seen?

#7 Re: Backlight Support » Where are the Pangolin changes? » 2017-06-30 20:38:02

Thanks for the link Matt. When I look to create new templates, should I see two different modules (Std and Pangolin)? Currentlyy I do not.

I think I have followed those instructions correctly, but as it's my test site, I'll delete it and re-create from scratch to see if I see any difference.

As an idea, when you do the release notes for each update, if there is a significant feature update that you have covered in depth somewhere, can you put the link in the release notes. As I said, I did a search hand it never showed up.


#8 Backlight Support » Where are the Pangolin changes? » 2017-06-30 19:29:20

Replies: 10

Hello - Please excuse the stupid question!

I've just upgraded my testsite to Backlight 1.2 as well as Theater 1.2 by following the instructions in the readme.txt files but I can't see any references to the Pangolin features. When the sytem upgraded itself, no errors were displayed so I assume it has installed OK.

I have searched on the site for information, but can only see references to the readme.txt files.

Where will I see them?

#9 Re: Backlight Support » Is it possible to have an in-line Theater on the Home Page? » 2016-10-07 19:28:12


Many thanks for the information. When you read this, it sounds so simple. I'm off to give it a bash right now.

P.S. I'm assuming you meant in the last step to go back into backlight, not lightroom.

#10 Backlight Support » Is it possible to have an in-line Theater on the Home Page? » 2016-10-07 19:08:56

Replies: 3

I've seen posts regarding having a slide show on a page and I'm assuming this was before the Theater module was released and required all sorts of witchcraft to get to work.

Now we have the theater module, is it possible to have an in-line theater (as seen on the theater demo page) as part of the home page? If it is, I can't see how to do it so any pointers would be useful.


#11 Re: Backlight Support » Where is the "Push metadata without updating existing photos" option? » 2016-10-07 02:43:37

Many thanks for that very swift reply Rob. Have to say that's a buried option there and not in the most obvious of places. Shame it's not on an individual album basis though.


#12 Backlight Support » Where is the "Push metadata without updating existing photos" option? » 2016-10-07 02:31:24

Replies: 3

I've been updating a lot of metadata to my photos, namly the caption etc and always knew of this:

"After changing the metadata settings, you will need to re-publish any affected photos. Publisher provides a setting 'Push metadata without updating existing photos' within the Publisher settings that if selected greatly speeds up re-publishing."

However, where is this option?  I must be very blind as I can't find anywhere. I'm assuming it's in Lightroom and have looked at the right click menu of each album in the TTG Publisher but nothing seem obvious to me.

Anyone got a screen shot of the option I can see please?

#13 Re: Backlight Support » ERROR JSON.lua:458... after update » 2016-10-07 00:57:46

Thanks Ben for sorting quickly - I too had this issue and was just about to "redo" a lot of work in case I had made a mistke! You're support of this product is amazing!

#14 Re: Backlight Support » Upgraded to 1.02 and my site has blown up » 2016-06-09 08:38:41

Thanks Ben for the swift reply. I had a look throught the FTP log files and noticed it errored on that file, retried it and all is now working.

Many thanks.


#15 Backlight Support » Upgraded to 1.02 and my site has blown up » 2016-06-09 08:18:19

Replies: 3

I suspect I've done something wrong, but this is what I have did:

Downloaded the 1.02 zip file and followed the README file to upload the directories and files to my site. Also copied the lrplugin to the right pace on my hard drive.

I logged into the Backlight admin section which performed an upgrade, the Designer and Publisher areas also performed the same and no reported issues. I've also cleared the cache.

When I visit my site, it has for what of a better phrase, blown up.

Any chance someone can have a poke around and let me know what the trouble is please. I suspect it's a simple fix, but I'm a little green with all this to begin.


#16 Re: Announcements & Information » Excited about Backlight » 2016-04-20 17:05:31

Thanks Rod for the info - I don't usually read the comments to any blog posting becuase I find that's where trolls live in the main. I have learnt today that all my quesitons were answered in the two blog postings from Matt.  Many thanks though for your time.

Oh, and woot, woot - it's only 10 days until the end of April....  How about a countdown timer????

#17 Announcements & Information » Excited about Backlight » 2016-04-20 06:14:47

Replies: 3

Just watched the demo video about Backlight and I'm really stoked about it.  I have been a long time user with your products (maybe not as long as some others though) but recently have felt let down by the performance with Lightroom and the web module build process.  I have even put everything onto very fast SSD, upgraded RAM to 24GB, re-installed Windows 10 and Lightroom so I have tried to get decent performance - just never have.

Anyhow, as I said, really looking forward to the new way of designing my web site but I have a few quesitons:

1) Will there be anyway of migrating from a CE4 to Backlight site e.g. settings etc? I'm not wanting to spend a lot more time in CS4 only to find I have to redo everything in Backlight.
2) Will there be an attractive incentive to upgrade e.g. a discounted offer perhaps?
3) HOW MUCH LONGER TO WAIT!!! - See the frustration pouring out there Matt!

All the very best and please release this beautiful product soon.

P.S. - Do you need another Beta tester???????


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