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#1 Backlight 2 Support » create a copy of a site to a subdomain and use lightroom publisher » 2020-01-23 07:39:30

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I have created a complete copy of my site to a subdomain.
I have then changed the API URL of ttg publisher to point to the subdomain.

When I tried to publish something I got an error....
I took the documented restore procedure and opened/close all my published album set and album.
and it works :-)

Is there a way to change that all at once? I have a lot of albums...
A difference here is that everything is already on the server. Only publisher need to point to the new directory.

thanks again

#3 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Caption token on Single Image Pages » 2020-01-21 10:06:19

OK. I will try that.

By the way, there is all what I want in the Metadata Display of thumbnail grid.
It may be something to be added to the large images. I think it was there in CE4.  could we ask Mat?


#4 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Caption token on Single Image Pages » 2020-01-21 07:50:19

Well, thanks.

last thinking !... if I don't use this caption field but add 2 separate lines below the image with css?

#6 Backlight 2 Support » Caption token on Single Image Pages » 2020-01-21 07:19:53

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Hello again!

I'd like to put my photo caption on two lines.

Like doing this

{Title}"<br>" {Caption}


#7 Re: Backlight 2 Support » multilanguage and markdown » 2020-01-20 05:35:56

That's OK.
Thank's for quick answer.
One page for all languages is really a good solution.

#8 Backlight 2 Support » multilanguage and markdown » 2020-01-19 07:24:22

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From what I understand, the easiest way to make a page multi-language is to embed different languages within DIV.
So it means that I will have to convert markdown to html before as we can not put markdown tag within html?

Am I right?



#9 Re: Backlight 2 Support » descriptive style BL2 vs CE4 » 2018-11-29 02:30:08

Hi Matt,
Here is pictures of CE4 vs BL2 behaviour showing what I means.

(CE4 is left side) example 1  example 2 (example 2 better shows when there is different thumbnails size.)

You will notice that text begins just after the thumbnails with CE4 even if thumbnails gets smaller. With BL2, text begins after "thumbnails Max width" as it is defined in the Album set. So text with BL2 stays aligned and does'nt look good when resizing windows.

Take a look with a smart phone in lanscape orientation and you will have another good example.

My preference goes with CE4 behaviour. ;-) ...

You can also resize live with my two subdomain test sites CE4 and BL2

You will also notice color over mouse with CE4 that was available without css in ce4.

Thanks again

#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » descriptive style BL2 vs CE4 » 2018-11-26 04:29:07

I guess last question is for Matt.

Is this "text begin after thumbnails Max width" with descriptive style is really what was design in BL2? and could it be modify to "text begin after thumbnails" as in CE4 ?


#11 Re: Backlight 2 Support » descriptive style BL2 vs CE4 » 2018-11-22 09:23:03

Thanks Rod.

So first one is OK.

I'll wait for possible answer for the different behaviour with thumbnails width.

#12 Backlight 2 Support » descriptive style BL2 vs CE4 » 2018-11-22 06:11:48

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I'm trying to setup a descriptive style that behaves like the one I used to with CE4.
I like this style for presenting Exhibitions.

With CE4, there is a color when mouse over, can't find it with BL2. Guess it was not implemented. Something to add in future?

With CE4, Descriptive text is added right after thumbnails and is not affected by different thumbnails width. BL2 starts text after Thumbnail Max-width. Means that if different width are used or if you resize window, when thumbnails get smaller, text stay at thumbnails Max-Width. And that's not looking good.

You can see the difference if you play with window size between CE4 and BL2



#13 Re: Backlight 2 Support » backlight 2, publisher 4.0 can not authenticate » 2018-11-18 05:37:57

Just to close this one.
I've never known exactly what happened but Rod and Ben helped me.
So thanks a lot for your time.

#14 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Starting from scratch, but... » 2018-11-13 03:44:00

To see version number of publisher for lightroom, you need to open “Plug-in Manager…” In the File menu. Select "publisher by the turning gate". Current version is 4.0. (I was this version 3 days ago, should be the same)
You will also see if it is correctly installed and working.

#16 Re: Backlight 2 Support » backlight 2, publisher 4.0 can not authenticate » 2018-11-11 13:18:15

API url is

For Daniel : Yes, I download the latest version of publisher wich is v4.0.0 (2018-09-09)


#17 Backlight 2 Support » backlight 2, publisher 4.0 can not authenticate » 2018-11-11 08:18:39

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Strange thing...
I update a subdomain from CE4 to Backlight 2. Everything worked fine even when I installed publisher 4.0 to lightroom. Something a bit weird though, I have put the same API key in backlight that I used to and when I checked publisher in lightroom, I had an error. I reput my api password and It was OK.

So I started to learn backlight and create some template. I changed default template in backlight and it was replicated in lightroom as it should, so the link between backlight and lightroom works.

I tried to  publish something and I got an error... try to verify the publisher plugin and I got the error :

The authentication check was NOT successfull. Please check the URL and API Key.

I've tried to change key in backlight and lightroom many times without success. I recopied .htaccess just in case.
I've also recharge publisher. I also tried publisher in an other instance on another subnet (with backlight 1) and it
worked. I also tried to create another instance on the same subnet without success.

Well now, I have no more idea to try !

thanks for your help

#18 Backlight 2 Support » ce4 with publisher to backlight 2. modified from rod barbee » 2018-11-06 10:36:50

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Hello, I'm preparing to convert my CE4 site and I'm wondering if this approach will work, considering we can now convert directly from ce4 to backlight 2. I use lightroom classic to publish.

I'v read Rod Barbee's old post on February 17, 2017 :  Converting a Publisher-based CE4 site to Backlight.
Based on his post, I have made some modification to test my whole site with all galleries and photos before I go online with backlight 2 :

- Create a sub-domain

- Copy everything from current ce4 site to the sub-domain.
(make sure it is running as well as the original site.

- Follow documentation to upgrade this CE4 sub-domain to Backlight 2.
     take care of always include the subdomain when is mentioned. (

- Doc's Step 1 & 2 : Complete installation & Quick setup until providing the API key for Publisher

- Question here : Do I install publisher in lightroom before or after upgrading albums or it does'nt matter ?

- Install the Publisher in Lightroom CC Classic (see doc)
       modify the API URL to include the subdomain 

- Step 3 : From Backlight's dashboard, click the link “Upgrade Albums from CE4”.

- Create and test album and album set templates and assign them directly from Backlight dashboard.

- When satisfied of the new site design, delete everything from the main site and recopy everything from the sub-domain.

- Log into the Backlight dashboard in the main site and go to Settings. Change the Site URL and Company URL

- In Lightroom, go to the Publisher instance that controls the existing albums and update the API URL to the original Backlight location (

Did I forget something? does that make sense? Since backlight 2 dashboard must have changed since backlight 1, do I have something else to do?

thanks a lot for taking time to analyse this one.

I know there will be a lot of files getting to and from my pc... but It will be a good time to take a break!


#20 CE4 Pages » SMTP Authentication to the php code in contact form » 2018-02-01 02:57:47

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sorry for this CE4 questions but may be it's the same with backlight...
So my server provider now needs smtp authentication.
I made the change to smtp instead of mail and put the following info
outlook email address
outlook password
Port 587

now, instead of having a security error as before, I receive the following error when sending the contact form.
any idea to resolve this?

fsockopen(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol|#0 [internal function]: ErrorHandler::handleError(2, 'fsockopen(): SS...', '/home/c685174/p...', 125, Array) #1 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/framework/lib/SMTP.php(125): fsockopen('ssl://smtp-mail...', 587, 0, '', 10) #2 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/framework/lib/PHPMailer.php(604): SMTP->Connect('ssl://smtp-mail...', 587, 10) #3 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/framework/lib/PHPMailer.php(520): PHPMailer->SmtpConnect() #4 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/framework/lib/PHPMailer.php(413): PHPMailer->SmtpSend('Date: Wed, 31 J...', '--b1_ee70a7aed8...') #5 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/framework/helpers/EmailHelper.php(115): PHPMailer->Send() #6 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/framework/helpers/EmailHelper.php(61): EmailHelper->sendEmailViaSMTP() #7 /home/c685174/public_html/ttg-be/admin/application/delegates/ContactDelegate.php(67): EmailHelper->send() #8 /home/c685174/public_html/contact.php(51): ContactDelegate->contact(Array, Array) #9 {main}|URL: /contact.php

#22 Backlight Support » publish with the feature "hide from album set" doesn't hide » 2017-08-23 09:25:10

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hello again,

testing a thumbsnail trick from Matt with publishing a hiden "custom thumbnails album".
Seems that the hidden album still shows with a close eye append to the  name.
you can see the test here  in last thumbnails

thanks again

#24 Backlight Support » Tables in backlight 1.2.2. striped odd - even doesn't seem to work. » 2017-08-23 06:19:15

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In tables section of Typography of the default page template, the .table-striped odd and even doesn't seem to do what I expect. (or I misunderstand something...)
The border color works as expected but nothing happens when I change colors of striped odd or even.
I was expecting something like my ce4 site
but with my test backlight site, it does this without any difference between rows


#25 Re: General » possible to Re-design in backlight my CE4 template exactly as it was? » 2017-06-22 00:00:07

Thanks Matt,
By the way, is there any time frame for stopping CE4 support? (I know there will be no more development).
On the backlight side, will we have to re-design our template as new versions comes or it should be smooth upgrade? (I remember lot of time upgrading from CE3 to CE4 ;-) 

thanks Matt and Rod for your quick support.

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