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#1 2018-11-06 10:36:50

From: Québec, Canada
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ce4 with publisher to backlight 2. modified from rod barbee

Hello, I'm preparing to convert my CE4 site and I'm wondering if this approach will work, considering we can now convert directly from ce4 to backlight 2. I use lightroom classic to publish.

I'v read Rod Barbee's old post on February 17, 2017 :  Converting a Publisher-based CE4 site to Backlight.
Based on his post, I have made some modification to test my whole site with all galleries and photos before I go online with backlight 2 :

- Create a sub-domain

- Copy everything from current ce4 site to the sub-domain.
(make sure it is running as well as the original site.

- Follow documentation to upgrade this CE4 sub-domain to Backlight 2.
     take care of always include the subdomain when is mentioned. (

- Doc's Step 1 & 2 : Complete installation & Quick setup until providing the API key for Publisher

- Question here : Do I install publisher in lightroom before or after upgrading albums or it does'nt matter ?

- Install the Publisher in Lightroom CC Classic (see doc)
       modify the API URL to include the subdomain 

- Step 3 : From Backlight's dashboard, click the link “Upgrade Albums from CE4”.

- Create and test album and album set templates and assign them directly from Backlight dashboard.

- When satisfied of the new site design, delete everything from the main site and recopy everything from the sub-domain.

- Log into the Backlight dashboard in the main site and go to Settings. Change the Site URL and Company URL

- In Lightroom, go to the Publisher instance that controls the existing albums and update the API URL to the original Backlight location (

Did I forget something? does that make sense? Since backlight 2 dashboard must have changed since backlight 1, do I have something else to do?

thanks a lot for taking time to analyse this one.

I know there will be a lot of files getting to and from my pc... but It will be a good time to take a break!



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