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#1 Re: Backlight Support » Update Backlight 2.0 » 2019-05-25 02:30:06

Problem solved!

I had configured my website for SSL but neglected to change the API URL in Publisher from http to https.

My compliments to your group for simplifying the configuration of the Backlight settings SSL access! I had previously avoided making the change.   


#2 Re: Backlight Support » Update Backlight 2.0 » 2019-05-24 00:52:58

I am using Lightroom Classic 8.3 and have been unable to upload image files to my website. The response is:

"Can’t update this collection.
Unable to perform action: getSetupForTemplate
Message: The page sent an action that was not available."

Will the Publisher be updated to deal with this issue? I realize that files can now be uploaded directly to Backlight 2 without using LR, but I prefer to continue to use LR for this purpose. If not, can LR 8.3 be downgraded to the earlier version?



#3 Re: Backlight 2 Support » WordPress Error » 2018-12-19 13:27:51

Thanks for the clarification. I did not include that code in the phplugin that I have used to date (before installing WordPress); however, the function worked as intended in the Backlight area, even after installing WordPress.

Please also clarify whether it is necessary to include the following code in the phplugins-pangolin-sample.php in a phplugin file:

Lines 2 to 8
   >> presumably not necessary

Lines 10 to 17  "function user_load($style, $path) { ..."
   >> I have never included these lines. Are they necessary?
Lines 19 to 23
   >> Obviously necessary

Line 24  "{"
   >> Is the "}" in line 527 the closing bracket? If so, both are presumably necessary.

Lines 25 to 219
   >> presumably not necessary

Thanks again!


#4 Re: Backlight 2 Support » WordPress Error » 2018-12-19 06:43:52

Thanks to Ben - that fixed it.

I have never come across the code addition you recommended. It is not mentioned in post 8966 or any other postings that I have seen. Is this required only when using the WordPress addition to Backlight 2?

What code should I use to add an additional function? I once attempted to add a second function using the coding recommended in paragraphs 3 of post 8966. That did not work. I dropped the addition of "$this->my_" as recommended in the post and the phplugin worked fine.

My compliments and thanks to Mat, Ben, Daniel, Rod and everyone who provides their support in the online community. There are some very technical/complex aspects of the Backlight system and your support enables people like me to make effective use of the system.


#5 Re: Backlight 2 Support » WordPress Error » 2018-12-19 06:00:30

I have been using Backlight 2 for some time. The WordPress installation is new.

#6 Re: Backlight 2 Support » WordPress Error » 2018-12-19 05:36:32

I am using a phplugin file (using the pallet_top_title function) in my Backlight 2 and have used the coding described in the post to which you referred. Line 6 that is referred to in the error message is:

"class PHPlugins extends APHPlugins {"

That seems contrary to the error message. The Backlight 2 area of the site functions as expected and nothing changed after installing WordPress.

What else should I be checking?


#7 Backlight 2 Support » WordPress Error » 2018-12-19 02:01:33

Replies: 9

I have just installed the WP Theme. When I selected the theme within WordPress the following error message appeared. The WordPress pages do not resemble my Backlight pages so far - could this be the reason. I have not found a file, or even a directory, with the name shown, using Transmit, on my ISP's server.

Fatal error: Class 'APHPlugins' not found in /homepages/29/d247816976/htdocs/fisherpix/backlight/custom/phplugins/MyPlugins75_general_BL2rev.php on line 6

Any suggestions would be welcome  - thanks.


#8 Re: Backlight 2 Support » php dont download image » 2018-09-18 09:23:04

I am also having a problem with downloading image files. I am posting here since the issues seem very similar to the posted subject. This is the first time I have used the Client configuration. Although it seems very straight forward, I must have missed something. (I have read and followed the "Managing Image Downloads" page.)

I am posting this message with this topic since they raise similar issues.

I created an album set "private" within galleries within which I created a Pangolin album. I loaded images to the gallery in the usual manner. In the Photo Presentation section of the album I selected "Upload manually" and specified a folder, at the same level as the photos folder. In LR, for both the album set and album, I selected "Private - requires Client account and password".

I created a Client in BL2 and assigned that album set and album to the client. (I repeated the assignment after completing the steps described below.)

I exported images in LR and uploaded them to the specified folder. The image file names are the same in both the photos and the upload folders.

I assumed that a client would be given the URL of the album and would be prompted to provide the user name/password.

When I attempted to use the album URL to access the album (in a different browser that was not logged on to BL2), the response was "Something went wrong
Unable to find pageTemplate with ID 1. Try updating the selected template for the application. in EngineFactory.php on line 36" which appeared at /backlight/clients".

I do not see a file named "EngineFactory.php" and there is no folder "/backlight/clients".

When I attempt to open the album set page (in the second browser) I get  a blank page, but no request to login.

While I am logged on to the site and can see the album, in a full size image page there is an icon in the upper right (looks like a mountain peak). Clicking on the icon there is a drop down list of icons, including one for download. The message is:

"File not found
Firefox can’t find the file at … 180916.jpg.
Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted."

I must be doing something incorrectly or have missed something. I would appreciate it if you would point me in the right direction.



My site is Do you need site access or the client info?

#9 Re: PHPlugins » Phplugins » 2018-09-13 02:12:16


I join Rainer in thanking you. I followed the changes shown in your post and now my own phplugin file is now working.


#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Problem with Upgrade to BL2 » 2018-09-12 13:03:47

Matt - yes to your question.

I had been using the login credentials described in the documentation (admin/ttg8888). When I used my own login credentials I was able to login to the BL2 site. (Suggestion - explain this in the description of upgrading to BL2.) No problem installing Galleria and Theater (very well done!), updating BL2, etc.

My current challenge is revising the phplugin file I use to place a logo and menu at the very top of the page. It would be helpful if Matt or Ben could provide a further description of what should be done and also some examples. I attempted to revise the file but encountered error messages. I resisted posting my phplugin file here.

A separate question: How should I work on the design of the site (online), so as to avoid overwriting code and "damaging" the site? I have stopped working locally, acting on advice provided by Rod/Matt. I resorted to the subdomain in order to "kick the tires". There is probably a better way that web developers use.



#11 Backlight 2 Support » Problem with Upgrade to BL2 » 2018-09-12 09:01:39

Replies: 4

Quick summary:

I am working on BL2 on a sub-domain of my site and have taken the following steps:

  • Created a sub-domain and copied all content of main site to sub-domain. I am using a sub-domain for testing BL2.

  • Deleted all content in backlight folder, except custom and data folders.

  • Copied the files from the unzipped BL2 file to subdomain, including the .htaccess file.

  • Installed BL2 successfully per instructions and directed to login.

  • Unable to log into backlight; error message: "Incorrect username or password".

I have tried the above procedure a few times, including starting fresh with a new sub-domain.

The installation procedure seems very straight forward - I must be missing something.

Please point me in the right direction.



#12 Backlight Support » Problem with Page Template » 2018-09-02 10:05:32

Replies: 1

I have configured my site to place a graphic and navigation in the top pallet using a phplugin.

I have tried out several page templates and all had been working well - until I found that along the way I had included two menu entries for the "About" page. I revised the phplugin file to remove the duplicate menu entry but that did not eliminate the duplication in the online site.

I also prepared a new phplugin file with the correct menu structure but I encountered a different problem. The phplugin drop-down list in the Advanced Setup section of the page template no longer shows a list of php files in the custom/phplugins folder. But it still shows a drop-down list of the custom/CSS folder CSS files.

I suspected that I had corrupted data in the site's Backlight folder; therefore I backed up all of the site templates (by exporting the templates) and the contents of the custom folder and reinstalled Backlight on the site, I had deleted and replaced the online contents of Backlight with the contents of the zip file, but did not re-install the backed-up contents of the custom folder or the theater module.

Not only did that not solve the problem, but the website looks identical and it still displays the  theater (although the module was not re-installed) and the deleted contents of the phplugin and CSS folders have re-appeared. It seems that the site was backed up by Backlight, but not by me. (Protecting me from myself?)

My site is at

I would appreciate advice regarding how to fix these problems.



#13 Re: Backlight Support » Problem with Uploaded Site » 2018-08-16 08:51:36

When you did that, did you also change the API URL in Lightroom?

No - I changed only the Backlight URL. I will change to the method you recommend.

How do I transfer from the sub-domain to the main domain? FTP?


#14 Re: Backlight Support » Problem with Uploaded Site » 2018-08-16 04:27:00

To answer your questions: I use for hosting. I do not use their content delivery network (CDN) option, which seems to use caching. I am not aware of any other caching by the host. I see the references to localhost in the live site that you have pointed out.

I now wonder whether I have been handling my website development inappropriately all along.

I initially configured the Publisher in Lightroom locally and set the API URL in both LR Publisher and in Backlight at http://localhost:8888/backlight/publisher/.

I did all development locally. When I wanted to update the live site I changed the URL in the Backlight settings from the local URL to the live URL  and uploaded the site by FTP. (Admittedly I sometimes missed changing the URL between local/live - perhaps that  caused some of the problems I now experience.)

That worked fine for a long time and it is only recently that I have been experiencing problems.

Should I abandon this approach and instead do all development on the live site?

If so, should I now change the API settings in both the LR Publisher and in the live Backlight settings? As I understand it, the API is arbitrary, so that I would simplify choose a new API key (are there any limitations?).  Presumably, operating this way would be slower than developing locally.

I would presumably continue development in the subdomain. Once I am satisfied to shift away from the subdomain to the main site, should I copy the site content from the subdomain to the main domain by FTP? Would that be the only reason to use FTP in the future? Would I ever use the local site again, other than as a point in time backup?

In my initial post I mentioned that the metadata I enter in Lightroom does not always appear in the live site. I wonder if that is also a result of the way that I have been operating.

I have now uploaded my local site to a different subdomain by FTP (but have not yet changed the API settings) - It is functioning as expected and the URL's shown are for the live site, not the local one.

Rod - thanks very much for your help.


#16 Backlight Support » Problem with Uploaded Site » 2018-08-15 10:09:39

Replies: 9

I develop my website as follows
    •    I do all development locally on my Mac, using MAMP.
    •    I use the ttg_pallet_top_title PHPhplugin to place the logo and menu in the page__pallet__top div of the site.
    •    I use a single Page Template throughout currently. (Previously I used two templates, one of which was used for only the Galleries page.)
    •    The URL’s are set in the Designer to http://localhost:8888.
    •    The albums are configured to use a 3 column masonry slideshow.
    •    In Lightroom I have entries in the Title and Caption fields for each photo; I have placed metadata tokens for each photo in both Metadata One and Metadata Two in the Metadata Display of the Thumbnail Grid and in the Captions area of the Photo Presentation.
    •    When viewed on the Mac under MAMP, using the local host, http://localhost:8888, the site displays as expected - the site logo and menu appears in the top pallet.
    •    I synchronize the local site to my website (in a sub-domain) by first changing the URL settings to the address of the sub-domain and then uploading the local site to the website using Transit.
    •    When I do further editing locally, I generally change the URL settings back to the local host (but occasionally miss doing that and leave the online URL in the settings).

Earlier, the online site was a mirror of the local site, as expected. Not surprisingly, as I made occasional blunders while I “went up the learning curve” I ran into problems that I was able to correct, often by consulting postings on this site.

More recently I am running into significant problems. Although the local site correctly displays the logo and menu in the top pallet, the online site does not pick up the code in the PHPlugin file and the logo and menu do not appear. In addition, while metadata one and two  usually appear in the local Thumbnail Grid, they are sometimes missing from the online site. Recently, the metadata is missing from most, but not all, of the online Photo Presentations.

I have tried a number of approaches to solve out the problem:

    •    frequent clearing of the template cache;
    •    doing development sometimes using the local URL and alternately the online URL;
    •    adding code to the PHPlugin file to add a menu item - it appears as expected locally but is not picked up online after syncing;
    •    created an additional album locally and then sync’ed online - no success.
    •    I re-installed Backlight “just in case” the code had been corrupted.

I continue to have the problems.

I am perplexed and wonder what I am doing incorrectly. In a word - help - please. I apologize for the long-winded background - I thought that it would be relevant to someone trying to understand where I have gone wrong.

Thanks very much in advance for any help. Is access to my site required and if so where should I send the logon info?


PS - A question - I am not clear whether it is even necessary to use FTP (Transit) in the development process. I prefer to do the development locally and then upload by FTP - is that advisable or to be avoided?

#17 Re: Backlight Support » "Something went wrong" » 2018-08-02 10:27:05


Thanks for your quick reply!

I initially suspected a PHP version issue so I tried both 7.1 and 7.2, but the problem continued. 

After reading your reply I tried 7.1 again. This time the pages appeared as expected. This felt somewhat similar to the trip to the dentist - the ache ends when the dentist examines the tooth! 

Separate question - how does one see which version of the Backlight modules are loaded?

Thanks again,


#18 Backlight Support » "Something went wrong" » 2018-08-02 08:11:14

Replies: 3

I do all of the website editing locally on my Mac, using MAMP. I synchronize the local files to a subdomain on my online site using Transit. Until recently everything worked as expected, both locally and online. I have now run into into two problems:

•  Both the local and online Home and Galleries (top level) pages show correctly. The album set and album pages show correctly only when viewed locally on my computer (using MAMP). The online pages show the following message:
"Something went wrong. count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in SimpleHTMLTag.php on line 44"
I wonder if the Backlight files have become corrupted and should be re-installed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

•  The local pages for the About and Contact sections show correctly but an error page is generated by the host ( for the online pages:
"Error. This domain name has just been registered."
The Home and Galleries (top level only) pages show  correctly both locally and online.
I suspect that I need to resolve this problem with 1and1 but I welcome any comments/suggestions.


Barry Fisher

#19 Re: PHPlugins » Target Specific Page with phplugin » 2018-04-30 12:40:23


I had no success working with "galleries/index.php" approach. Although I could enter this address manually to access the galleries page, this also affected the home page (?). When I used this address in the code, it failed to access the page.

I was unable to find a setting in Backlight that permits changing the URL format to use …index.php. The Top Galleries page permits entering "galleries/index.php" for the directory but that seems to require other changes throughout the site and I did not pursue this.

The second method you proposed (unique page template and album set template for the galleries page) worked very well and that is what I am using. An excellent suggestion - a simple but very effective method.

I have been "inspired" by the method used by Monte Trumbull on his site ( to easily display albums of personal favourites and recent additions. He builds these search terms into the URL's of thumbnails (…/backlight/search/?q=\'[term(s)]\').  The Backlight search function looks at text fields entered in Lightroom (caption, key words, etc.) and produces an album with the search results. I have placed this at the bottom of the galleries page using the phplugin, using the above method you suggested.  Several months ago I exchanged messages with Monte and he invited me to use his website as a guide. Thanks again Monte! I am now playing with the formatting of the search area - I clearly need to learn more CSS!

I am doing all of my work offline with MAMP and intend to upload the website soon (as soon as I stop "fiddling" with it).

Rod - thanks again for your help.


#20 Re: PHPlugins » Target Specific Page with phplugin » 2018-04-29 12:52:39


Thanks for the suggestions.

The method I adopted based on post 8429 (above) finds pages for which the URL contains "galleries", but it also finds the sub-galleries since their URL includes "galleries". I know virtually nothing about PHP, except what I learned searching Google. I tried to use PHP functions that look at the page content (e.g. - file_get_contents) to search for the slug of the galleries page (which is unique to that page), but do not know enough about PHP to work with the functions.

The second method that you have suggested is interesting. I will play with it and let you know the outcome.


#21 PHPlugins » Target Specific Page with phplugin » 2018-04-29 02:54:28

Replies: 7

I am trying to place HTML code at the bottom of the content in the Top-level Galleries page, but not in its sub-galleries (e.g. galleries/topic1, galleries/topic2, etc.) using phplugin.

I am less than a neophyte dealing with PHP, other than blindly using methods suggested in posts. I am already using the page copy area for another purpose and do not have any trays.

I have successfully used the method suggested in the post at … hp?id=8429 to place the HTML code at ttg_main_bottom of the Top-level Galleries page, but this also places the code in the sub-gallery pages, which i do not want.

A Google search turned up the function "is_page" that can be used to target a page based on its page ID or the page's slug. However that function seems to be specific to Wordpress, but not to PHP generally. 

I would appreciate any advice on how to handle this. Thanks in advance!


#22 Backlight Support » Layout of caption and text in descriptive gallery » 2017-11-08 10:40:52

Replies: 2

First - my compliments and thanks to the developers of Backlight and the
contributors to this service. Years ago, I used Matt's CE plugins to
produce albums and learned enough HTML and CSS (since forgotten!) to
cobble together a site that wraps around the albums and "works". But
creating or modifying albums is definitely a pain. Now that am starting
to feel reasonably comfortable with Backlight and have prepared some
templates, it is incredibly easy to do this.

While I would welcome more documentation about Backlight, the support
provided on this site is very useful.

My site is at I use the descriptive layout for
sections which results in the caption and thumbnail appearing next to
each other. I would prefer to place the text below the thumbnail,
preferably aligned to the bottom of the box, with both elements centre

While I have searched the postings here, I realize that I need further
"guidance" to prepare the necessary CSS code. Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.

I would like to further "tweak" my site but will defer more questions
for now.



#23 Re: CE4 Pages » Galleria and Galleries/Autoindex Problems; Galleria » 2015-05-06 06:36:03

Thanks very much for your help Rod.

After reading your post, I tried loading the home page using Firefox. Of course, this time it worked fine!

I did not have any galleries installed in the galleries folder (as you suspected!); the reference you provided was very helpful.

Once I have completed setting up my site (and overcome future problems that will undoubtedly occur!) I will attempt to install a JuiceBox slideshow.


#24 CE4 Pages » Galleria and Galleries/Autoindex Problems; Galleria » 2015-05-06 00:30:14

Replies: 2

I am trying to rebuild my website (initially built with CE2) starting with Pages CE4. Since I am using MAMP for testing I am unable to provide a link to the developing site. I am using Lightroom CC on a Mac (OS X 10.9).

The pages I configured displayed as expected in the LR preview. I then loaded the site to the MAMP server location on the Mac.

I have no problems with the About and Contact pages.

Home Page - Galleria
Galleria displays correctly in LR preview. But the following error message appears using Firefox (v. 37.0.2):
“Fatal error: Could not extract a stage height from the CSS. Traced height: 0px.”

However, using Safari (v. 7.1.5), Galleria displays correctly on the home page. Puzzling!

AutoIndex (descriptive) appears as expected in LR preview. But it does not appear on the Galleries page in either Firefox or Safari. Only the text insert appears.

I have attempted, unsuccessfully, to find solutions in the support documents and in the forum. Please excuse me if I missed it something!

Other Questions
I have other questions.

1. When I used Galleria in Pages CE2 on the home page I was able to display a frame with a mat insert. (See I do not see a  way to configure this in Pages CE4. Am I missing something or should I be using Stage CE4 for this purpose?

2. Please clarify the effect of Galleria settings options for: "fullscreenCrop" and "image Crop". 

3. Is it possible to use Stage to view a JuiceBox slideshow?



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