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#1 2019-08-23 22:21:01

From: Arkansas
Registered: 2014-01-03
Posts: 154

Cart Product Selection

Currently, I have set up a pricing scheme with multiple products for example: Prints Pricing (scheme) has the following products (Photographic, Fine Art, Dream HD, & Metal). When selecting photo&product to purchase the cart displays the selection for the products in a drop-down menu defaulting to the first item in the list (Dream HD) for example.  Which is working correctly.

However, what I want is to somehow show only the product selected and to force it not to show the product drop-down list or if that cannot be done to show the product drop-down list but the product selected will be the default.  On the latter point currently if you do make a selection other than the default let's say Metal then when you leave the cart and then make another photo/product selection the cart product drop-down shows Metal, so the cart is remembering the previous selection. Again what I would like is to not show the drop-down but force it to show only the product that was selected with the photo.

Any thoughts on how this can be down?

Thx Michael

Hi, since I did not get an answer to this, I went back and changed from one pricing scheme to multiple products to one pricing scheme to a single product.  This temporarily solves the issue above, but I would still like an answer if it is possible,

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