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#1 2019-05-27 04:26:35

Registered: 2016-01-26
Posts: 31

credentials to complete Backlight on subsite

FYI - I am rebuilding the site so just reinstalled including the data folder - Install worked and I could log in to create credentials.

I updated my primary site this morning to Backlight 2 and did the same process for my wordpress site with the same issue as the post on 3/8/2019 copied below. The error message "Something went wrong" Unexpected error: Undefined index: email in AdminController.pgp on line 565. Please report error at  The install completed but I was never able to login into the admin

I had yet again had to retrieve the password for a site this morning. And, yet again, clicking the "forgotten password link" failed because my user name/email combo is not recognized.
So, I tried all sorts of user name/password combinations to get access to the Backlight settings page until Backlight sent me a link to unlock the settings page.
Also, when I do … _passwords, the file published under /backlight/data/admin/password.txt is called user.txt and it only contains the credentials "admin" and my email. That is incorrect, of course.

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