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#1 2019-01-07 12:46:34

Registered: 2013-10-12
Posts: 122

Useage terms for Backlight

I havn’t been able to find anything on the site or docs;

Where and how many times may I install and use Backlight?

I manage several sites, most on one server, but not all. I spin up test sites. I install dev instances in sub directories.  How many times an under what circumstances are allowed for one purchase (order number)?

All the sites I own (I have access to and am putting my credentials into)? Just one?  Just one domain?

Mostly curious,  but it may be handy to use in two domains and have a test “instance” in a subdirectory.

What is the official answer? (Keeping in mind I am unlikely to buy more than one full priced licence)


#2 2019-01-07 13:15:55

From: Melbourne, Australia
Registered: 2012-09-29
Posts: 4,399

Re: Useage terms for Backlight

Hi Scott, you can use it for any sites that you own on a 'fair use' basis.  What we do not allow is for a single purchase to be used for multiple entities, especially where you are selling the construction of sites as a service or another party is running a business. 

Examples of what we allow:

* Sites that you own and control.  e.g. a site for your photography business, a site you may have for a personal interest, any test sites you may have
* Sites that belong to direct relatives that are not businesses.  e.g. your partner's hobby site

Two examples that would NOT be allowed under a single purchase:

* Setting up a site for yourself then using the same Backlight purchase for a friend's business, or sharing it for your brother-in-law to use for his business
* Using Backlight as a design tool for a web business and selling implementations of multiple sites.  e.g. building sites for local businesses that you act as the designer/site builder

If in any doubt, then please just ask us.


#3 2019-01-08 01:29:52

Registered: 2013-10-12
Posts: 122

Re: Useage terms for Backlight

Thank you for clarifying. That is very fair and generous terms.


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