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#1 2016-12-15 00:34:21

Registered: 2015-09-04
Posts: 80

Testing the SQLite performance settings on Lunarpages...

On our previous episode of "I Really Was Not Trying to Drive Matthew and Ben Completely Mental About Vegas But Was Probably Doing It Anyway", I had noted inconsistent rendering of Vegas full-screen presentations observed on that appeared to be Lunarpages not serving up resources consistently in this topic: … hp?id=7291

On a whim (and because I've got four hour-long videos I'm transcoding to BluRay and DVD...i.e. I'm wee bit bored and not in the mood for a session of bullock juggling!), I've taken the liberty of setting the SQLLite settings to PERSIST/OFF that was suggested for SQLite files on networked storage and restoring the problematic masthead image to Nicholas' full page template to see if it makes the rendering more consistent.

So far, so good!

If it keeps behaving properly for a few days for Firefox and Chrome, I'll reverse the other changes I had made to those templates and call it a day.

BTW, the reason I had even thought of playing with this (besides being bored) was that I was seeing the masthead render properly on the other Backlight seemed to only be the Vegas full-screen presentation that was acting inconsistent for me.  And older full-screen presentations worked fine on the several sites hosted on that server still based on CE4.  But it was Ben's comment about Backlight being much more database intensive and seeing problems on other Backlight sites that really pushed me to perform the experiment.

Matthew's reasonable diagnosis of the server being stuffed and inconsistent may well still be the ultimate right answer but if this band-aid solves the problem or at least markedly reduces it, it'll be worth knowing the SQL config changes may help in other places than Bluehost.


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