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#1 2016-06-09 13:52:03

From: San Francisco, CA
Registered: 2012-09-24
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On Highslide, and Side-by-side Image Comparison

In past versions of the Client Response Gallery, we have offered a Highslide-powered image presentation allowing multiple large images to be viewed side-by-side. In the CE4 version, we named this presentation "Highslide: Comparative". I've had a couple of inquiries about whether it's included in the new Client Response Add-on for Backlight; it is not.

Backlight does not employ Highslide JS for any large image presentation, and I have no plans to implement it.

Highslide JS 4.1.13 was released October 6, 2011, and that's the last time the script was updated.

A new 5.0.0 version was recently released, on May 24, 2016, but the only change was to release the script under MIT licensing (free for commercial and noncommercial use; previously, we had paid a licensing fee to include the script in our plugins). If the lengthy hiatus were not evidence enough, this is as certain an indication as there can be, the author is no longer developing Highslide JS.

As it stands, Highslide is pretty great in the traditional desktop browsers, but has never been much good on touch-screens. So while we have a long history of leaning heavily on it with our gallery plugins, the future is leaving this one in the dust.

And that brings us back to Backlight. No Highslide, and therefore no side-by-side image comparison.



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