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#1 2015-06-26 23:56:04

Registered: 2012-11-25
Posts: 18

No place to input discount code upgrading CE3 to CE4 Pages

I have the discount code after clicking on the update link but when I go to purchase there is no place to input it in order to see the price update.  If you hit the check out button it takes you right into paypal?


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#2 2015-06-28 14:51:52

From: San Francisco, CA
Registered: 2012-09-24
Posts: 5,795

Re: No place to input discount code upgrading CE3 to CE4 Pages

We are now using PayPal Express Checkout for the shop. The checkout flow dictated by PayPal is that you proceed to PayPal to authorize payment, and are then returned to the shop for finalization. Upon being returned to the shop, you will have the opportunity to use a discount code before completing your order.


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