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#1 2015-05-08 03:41:22

Registered: 2012-09-25
Posts: 258

Using search in Publisher to return only exact matches ...

Hi all. 

As some might be aware, I recently asked about utilising LR6s new face scanning facility to scan and decode QR barcodes from within images.

Having done a little routing around, I and another LR plug in developer might be coming up with a solution to our needs. 

The scanned codes within the images will be VCards, which will then populate certain metadata fields in LR6 with the data from the VCard which can then be exported to very specific filenames that we can search on using Publisher Search.

I've read … h_search&s

My questions ....

I was wondering if it's possible to 'restrict' search results from Publisher's search facility by

1. Only returning exact matches on filenames or part filenames and nothing else (no keywords for instance).  For example, a pupils admission number might be 012345, but their image filenames might extend to  A132-012345-123212, A132-012345-123454 and A132-012345-123959.   I know this doesn't really make sense - 'exact matches on part filenames' , but I'm not sure if there is another way of doing it. Could a check be made on only accepting a six digit numeric code search criteria and nothing shorter?

2. Return matches on two search criteria, effectively AND criteria - e.g. the school code could be A132 in the above example.  However, several pupils could have the same Admission Number of 012345 in different schools.  Thus, using criteria A132 AND 012345 would only show the correct pupil.  I assume.   

3. Can we enforce the use of the + and or "" without the searcher having to know about it.

As information, my filenames would probably extend to {{school_id}}-{{pupil_id}}-{{date_stamp}}-{{time_stamp}}.  With a VCard scanned data, I might be able to extend this somewhat to include richer data such as {{pupil_name}}.

Basically, I want parents (and other customers such as street, sporting events etc) to be able to search from one search entry box and return their own results and no others, while not easily being able to guess others.  They also need to able to use the cart system on their search results. 

A snag might be that pupil IDs in the UK are distinctly similar to timestamps, which might cause a few problems for me. 

The database of school images would probably run into the many tens of thousands of images, if not more.

I can't find an example of a website with a working Publisher search facility.  Does anybody have one I can view?

Is this possible in Publisher Search as it currently stands?

Thanks all,

Last edited by Kris (2015-05-08 04:01:26)


#2 2015-05-08 12:55:32

From: Melbourne, Australia
Registered: 2012-09-29
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Re: Using search in Publisher to return only exact matches ...

Hi Kris,  this is not possible with the Publisher as it currently stands.  It also would not be of interest to our other customers, who have different business needs to yours.  We do (sometimes) provide custom work for our customers charged at hourly or daily rates.  Let me know if you're keen on discussing that approach.


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