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#1 2016-07-26 07:04:28

Registered: 2015-09-04
Posts: 80

New Cart install - Getting "Database Disk Image Is Malformed" error

On my Backlight test domain (, I updated Backlight+Pages to 1.0.3 and CRG to 7.0.1 and having just purchased Cart, I unzipped Cart into Backlight's modules directory as well figuring I'd get all of them in one shot.

When I logged into Backlight Admin,  the Backlight+Pages and CRG updates went fine but when I went to hit the Cart in the menu, I got the stack trace reproduced below.

Stack trace

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 11 database disk image is malformed|
#0 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/framework/dao/PdoExtended.php(524): PDO->prepare('select * from s...')
#1 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/framework/dao/PdoExtended.php(156): PdoExtended->_prepareAndExecuteSqlQuery('select * from s...', Array)
#2 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/framework/dao/GenericSettingsDAO.php(25): PdoExtended->selectRows('select * from s...', Array)
#3 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/modules/module-cart/application/helpers/CartConfigManager.php(15): GenericSettingsDAO->getData(Object(CartConfigManager))
#4 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/modules/module-cart/application/helpers/ApplicationHelper.php(53): CartConfigManager->merge(Object(SettingsDAO), Array)
#5 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/framework/helpers/GenericApplicationHelper.php(28): ApplicationHelper->createConfigManager()
#6 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/modules/module-cart/application/init.php(9): GenericApplicationHelper->getConfigManager()
#7 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/framework/init.php(137): require_once('/home/redvix2/p...')
#8 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/modules/module-cart/index.php(35): require_once('/home/redvix2/p...')
#9 /home/redvix2/public_html/sunfox/williams/backlight/cart/index.php(7): include_once('/home/redvix2/p...')
#10 {main}|URL: /backlight/cart/index.php

I tried deleting the unzipped Cart add-on locally and on the server and re-uploading and nothing seems to do the trick.

Also, I get the following message referencing the Cart failure on every link on the site I click:


The shopping cart is currently unavailable

Please contact the site owner for further assistance.


Thoughts as to what I should try next?


SOLVED:  I tried one last hail Mary before hitting the [Submit] on this posting...I took a peek at the Cart module's skeleton directory and compared the .sq3 files to the ones found in backlight/data/cart and sure enough, they were slightly different in file size.

Figuring I had nothing to lose as I haven't configured Cart yet, I dropped the skeleton .sq3 files over the top of the ones in backlight/data/cart, forced them to upload and replace the existing files.  I then logged out of Backlight and back in and hit the Cart it's happy!  smile

I suspect the corruption might have occurred because my normal Beyond Compare upload profile's set of filters omits master.sq3 from the upload but I sometimes forget to use a different profile to upload everything for a new add-on module.  Usually Backlight is kind enough to let me know the problem existed between my chair and the keyboard, I upload the master.sq3 file(s) and then we're usually good.

I this case, I suspect that may have triggered a transient error when hitting Cart that first time that accidentally rubbished the database file and that once the database file was wrecked, I was really in the ditch.

So, the takeaways for me are:

- Don't try to be a clever Dick and mix installing a new module with upgrading existing ones.  Do the upgrades first and make them happy!

- First time installing a new module, upload the whole bloody thing straightaway with no files filtered!



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