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#1 2016-05-11 08:34:51

From: Sour Lake, TX
Registered: 2016-05-11
Posts: 4

Easy Install and configuration

I downloaded, installed, customized and had a site up and running in a few hours. Most of that time was tweaking the templates and getting the photographs ready. As to that, I only have two galleries at this time. It will take awhile to organize and publish the photographs I want to use.

While the interface is intuitive, I think a little more documentation is in order. In general, additional explanation as to what various template parameters really are. For instance, what is Retina Thumbnails? I know the term as a display quality penned by Apple. Is that the case? does it create a more detailed thumbnail. If so, what is the cost in page loading? There are others as well, but you get the gist of my observation.

Overall, I love it and believe it will enable me to easily display my photographs.

Thanks for all the hard work put into it.


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