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#1 2016-05-09 08:52:50

From: San Francisco, CA
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Multiple Top-level Galleries

A default Backlight setup has one top-level gallery. In our examples, that's the "Galleries" page, where your published albums and album sets are listed. It's possible (and easy!) to create additional top-level galleries.

In Lightroom's Publish Services, right-click your instance of TTG Publisher and choose Create Another Publish Service via "TTG Publisher"... from the menu.

The "Lightroom Publishing Manager" window will appear, containing the TTG Publisher settings. Verify your API Details. Under the section Other Publisher Options, set the "Top-level galleries directory" to the desired name of your new top-level gallery (ex. "new-folder").

In many cases, Backlight will be able to create the new folder on its own. Depending on your web server, some users may need to manually create that folder online before Backlight can use it. In the latter case, make your new folder writable.

And that's it! Publish an album to your new top-level gallery, and it will be added to Backlight. You can find it listed within Backlight's admin, under the Backlight menu, Publisher => Top-level Galleries. There you can assign a template to use, etc.


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