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#1 2015-12-03 21:12:58

Registered: 2014-07-25
Posts: 22

Some thumbnails blank since LR CC 2015.3

I have been using TTG-CE4 for a long time now and it always worked brilliantly. Until now.
Since the latest update of LR CC to 2015.3, using Gallery-618 on a Windows 10 X64 machine, all of a sudden some thumbnails on my webpage show up empty, see picture below.


The pictures behind the blank thumbnails show up well, when opening. And whatever I do, either using Canon CR2 Raw files directly, or converting to .jpg’s first before building the Gallery, the outcome is every time the same, but also every time different thumbnails are blank. What is happening?

Hope you have an answer.

Best wishes, Wim.

PS: Old LR 6.0 still works fine. So it must be something in LR CC 2015.3.

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#2 2015-12-03 21:58:58

rod barbee
From: Port Ludlow, WA USA
Registered: 2012-09-24
Posts: 17,830

Re: Some thumbnails blank since LR CC 2015.3

Hi Wim,

We can't really tell much from a screen shot. I tried looking at the gallery but it's password protected.

Sorry, can't help without an actual gallery to look at.

only thing I can suggest is exporting and uploading again.

Just a user with way too much time on his hands., Backlight 2/3 test site


#3 2015-12-04 01:05:05

Registered: 2014-07-25
Posts: 22

Re: Some thumbnails blank since LR CC 2015.3

Shut down and restart of the computer has alleviated the problem. All is fine again. Weird. It's a Mystery.
Thanks for attention.


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