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#1 2014-04-30 09:08:09

Registered: 2014-04-30
Posts: 14

getting started with CE3 Pages

I have just installed Pages and see it sits in my Layout Style panel in the web module. I have selected photos I'd like to see on my site as instructed. When I launch the Pages from the Layout Style panel, after it finally renders my web module page fills up with a bunch of HTML text. There is a large ERROR message at the top of the page. The Turning Gate home page shows in my preview pane. What's going on?


#2 2014-04-30 09:26:07

rod barbee
From: Port Ludlow, WA USA
Registered: 2012-09-24
Posts: 17,830

Re: getting started with CE3 Pages

This is an installation error. Make sure you follow the installation instructions exactly, paying special attention to the name of the .lrwebengine file. The name must not differ from what's shown in the instructions: … stallation

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