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#1 2013-08-29 05:35:56

Registered: 2012-09-25
Posts: 258

looks like has been hacked...

redirects to

I know it's not the current blog, which is at, but it doesn't look intentional to me.

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#2 2013-08-31 15:32:02

From: San Francisco, CA
Registered: 2012-09-24
Posts: 5,795

Re: looks like has been hacked...

Weird. I deleted the subdomain ages ago ...

Not hacked, though; just a weird misdirect that shouldn't be happening. BrashSnarkerGamer is mine. Several years ago I was occasionally writing for a couple of mobile gaming websites. They both died off due to various staffers just disappearing. Toward the end, I was the only person contributing to either site on even a semi-regular basis. As the sites were clearly dying slow deaths, I considered starting up something of my own, but then I got distracted and lost interest in the idea. The name "BrashSnarkyGamer" was an excuse to use the initials BSG, because I'm a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica. =P


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