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#1 2020-05-01 06:56:01

From: Sprockhövel, Germany
Registered: 2013-04-15
Posts: 206

External components for FontAwesome

Hi all,

update seems to have worked well so far.
Compliments for that and thank You for the comtinuing support and improvement.

After first viewing the updated site, I noticed that an external ressource is being blocked by the noScript plugin and Privacy Badger.
Fontawesome may not be the most evil party on the web, but I have always made a point of avoiding inclusion of content from external sources. (With re Captcha2 on the contact form being the only exception yet.) Proposing to my visitors to allow execution of scripts from external sites to view my site properly is something I don't feel comfortable with.
I have always liked the way, CE and BL handle the sharing with social media for the reason that no Like Buttons and such is being fetched externally.

Is there a chance to include the fontawesome stuff from a local path on my site like it used to be in BL2?

It's not a priority theme for me, but might make me feel better somewhen in the future.

Health and happiness to all in this community


#2 2020-05-01 08:08:41

From: Melbourne, Australia
Registered: 2012-09-29
Posts: 4,399

Re: External components for FontAwesome

Hi Michael, we do have a hidden setting that causes Fontawesome resources to be loaded locally.  However it also disables module updating.  This is more FYI as the latter will likely be a deal-breaker.  The setting is available by copying or renaming backlight/env.php.skel to backlight/env.php and uncommenting the line for ENVIRONMENT so that it looks like this:

define('ENVIRONMENT', 'development');

The purpose of that flag is literally for us to use as developers, where we work locally and possibly without a reliable Internet connection such as coding on the train.  The module updating is blocked to prevent a moment of brilliance and updating old modules over our new code! (it's happened...)

I'll look at adding an alternative flag that only controls the handling of Fontawesome resources.  There are good reasons why loading over the web is beneficial, which is why it's the default behaviour.  Matt will need to chime in to elaborate on that.


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