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#1 2020-04-16 17:13:51

From: Ojai, CA
Registered: 2014-07-11
Posts: 72

Search Broken from Changing Top-Level Gallery

I have been running into some weird errors recently. It started when I decided that I wanted to rename the default "galleries" top-level galleries to "work." I initially did this by simply renaming it, except I also renamed the directory because that seemed like the best way to get the url to change as well. This broke my homepage with an error, and reverting the settings I had changed had no effect.

So, I downloaded all my templates and then erased and quickly rebuilt the site. This time, I created a new top-level gallery named work, and after that was done, I then deleted the unneeded "Galleries" one. However, this has now broken the search function of the website with this error: Unable to find template with id 3. Try updating the selected template for the application. in EngineFactory.php on line 67.

You can see this at:

Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there a better way of renaming the top-level gallery than the two approaches that I discussed above? It would be good to know if there is a method that doesn't break anything.

Graceson Aufderheide


#2 2020-04-16 20:52:19

From: Melbourne, Australia
Registered: 2012-09-29
Posts: 4,399

Re: Search Broken from Changing Top-Level Gallery

Hi Graceson, this can be fixed either by going to Designer > Templates > Assign Templates and selecting a template for Search, or by setting the Search Template field in the main Backlight settings.


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