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#1 Re: General » object to 30 second wait » 2020-06-05 05:54:54

<<The article headings on are mostly to-the-point, and so search is pretty low priority on this list. Bigger fish to fry at the moment.>>

I wonder if I'm the only one who finds this a deplorable customer approach.

Over the years this community has shown hundreds if not thousands of issues that "mostly" could have been solved by users themselves at the time it suited THEM. Valuable time won by the right investment, at the right time, I should think.

I'm sure everybody at TTG has a very busy working and private life - as do probably the vast majority of clients who pay for its products. Sarcastic terms like "Bigger fish to fry" fall sadly short of elementary respect for elementary customer needs.

#2 Re: General » object to 30 second wait » 2020-06-02 09:10:32

Thx Ben!
<<Rest assured we're not trying to make your life difficult.>>

I know you guys do what needs to be done, no complaints there!

It's just that I have been a TTG-customer since the very start and it bothers me that documentation is still such a very weak point.
In all honesty I could not name any other such "vital" product (free or paid for that matter) causing so much loss of time and frustration.
No search function, come on, it's 2020 and not everybody uses the same software lingo.This goes even more for a product that is mostly left pretty much alone for longer periods of time, once a site is up. We're human, we forget. Not to mention that the old documentation for Backlight 1 & 2 with which we had to spent quite a few hours with, has even been made available/accessible!

Backlight is a unique product, as far as I know without any serious competitor. That's fine and good for (TTG's) business, but it should also mean taking extra care that customerts can concentrate on photography rather than reinventing the wheel every time.
Promises in the right direction were made, and yet again I have to bother you moderators with the stupidest of questions.

#3 Re: Backlight 3 Support » Documentation Creating Full-screen Page Template Backlight 3 unclear » 2020-06-02 08:53:45

Thanks you, Rod.

I did try the page template, so that's not the problem.

In the mean time, by sheer chance, I think I stumbled accross the real issue:
although I closely followed the upgrade-procedure from some time ago for updating Backlight to Backlight2 to Backlight 3 and no errors at that, my site still defaults to the OKAPI-templates in stead of the PANGOLIN.

This is of course unwanted, particularly since most users will stop intensive editing one their site works well.
Remaining question: how to reset the default, assuming the OKAPI files need to be kept because of the update(s).

#4 General » object to 30 second wait » 2020-06-01 06:58:27

Replies: 7

Kindly get rid of the ridiculous 30 second wait between searches on this forum.

I realy find it an outrage to have to w a i t  as a fully paying, logged-in customer.

In spite of many promises in the past, Backlights documentation is still poor at best,
lacks ANY kind of search facility (!) whereas this forum's search is extremely limited as well.

Very simple example:
there are page presets to be downloaded - as txt files.
Now what? No instructions.

After more than 15 minutes  I still have not found how to get them usable on my site.

#5 Backlight 3 Support » Documentation Creating Full-screen Page Template Backlight 3 unclear » 2020-06-01 05:36:46

Replies: 3


I checked

but instructions for Theater Full-screen Page Template do not match what is on screen.

Breakpoint: no Always option
Top Pallet: don't see this option
etc, etc.

What is wrong?


#6 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-10 07:29:41

Oops, my fault. And indeed, now it seems to work. So thanks so far!

From what I see when comparing one of my other Backlight sites, I seem to be missing even the default Pangolin templates.
I only seem to have Okapi versions now...

Also, I would like to use some custom templates I made on another (Backlight2) site on the one I now have updated to BL2.
Is there a way to do this in a practical manner or do I have to first export each one on the other site where it was made, and then import them one by one on the updated site?

#7 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 22:17:16

And now.... for something completely different wink

Started all over again. This time, the home page shows up in Backlight2 and so does the contact page.

BUT when clicking on the galleries, this shows up:

Warning: require_once(./../backlight/framework/Framework.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /mnt/web319/a0/86/51760386/htdocs/lookonline/galleries/lib.php on line 48 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required './../backlight/framework/Framework.php' (include_path='.:/opt/RZphp71/includes') in /mnt/web319/a0/86/51760386/htdocs/lookonline/galleries/lib.php on line 48

#8 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 21:49:09

Ben: the message disappeared too quickly!
Rod: I have no business with php plugins, and since the mess was getting worse, I have had to revert back to the previous Backlight version before my provider shifts the backup chain. Now that I am back for the 3rd time, I would guess the crazy @import url has something to do with my audacity to choose a non-standard font type when I setup the website years ago.

In short, for now, after two days of trying, there is no other option than for me to try all over again to update.

#9 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 07:56:49

And no, the backlight and the galleries directories are boot in the root, not in any sub.
BTW I tried /backlight/installer which seemed to re-initiate the install process, but then ended in yet another error

#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 06:58:02

And..... I cannot access the backlight module anymore because of
after which I tried clearing the site's cookies to no avail

#11 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 06:50:06

That went wrong, my system told me the message could not be sent, and I was still going to add something about a too many redirect error.
In the meantime I may have found something important: it does NOT help to upload the two files if they already exist on the server (from previous Backlight version). Now, I deleted both files on the server, and THEN uploaded the new ones, and that seems to work.
However, the layout is a complete mess and starts with yet another error:

@import url(',500i,700,700i');

#12 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 06:37:52

I tried that three times (!) and only get more errors, either with or without /backlight.
Like: twenty times:        /installer/installer OR /backlight/backlight/installer/installer

#13 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 04:38:53

I just may get there..... now that the Okapi modules have been installed, I can access my galleries from within the Backlight module (vistit site), but that is all.
Yes, I (re and re)visited the Admin etc., but still no home page, no contact page.......same http-error 500.

#14 Re: Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-09 01:35:10

Thanks Rod and Daniel. I am not unfamiliar with Backlight 2, in fact I run a few sites on it, but they were "fresh starts".
I was under the impression that upgrading meant: changing the software, and then get on with my data/galleries etc.....

Now for the one I am trying to upgrade from One to Backlight 2:

- I got a bit further thanks to Rods instructions, but I end up with an "empty" site.
- visiting the site result in HTTP error 500, so that is no help.
- cleared all caches, updated/reinstalled from Backlight 2's admin module, and I do see that my galleries still exist
- however: I cannot access anything, getting red error messages like this one!AlB4kN3DO4XXg95Ovgg … A?e=J5Q637

#15 Backlight 2 Support » unable to upgrade from Backlight to Backlight 2 » 2019-12-07 09:02:31

Replies: 20

I tried to upgrade an older Backlight 1.2.3. website to Backlight 2.

Here a the problems I ran into:

1. Where are my downloads? I own a license for Backlight 2, Pages, Theater, Wordpress, Client Response, but none of the old links to sendowl or anything like a TTG-account work. For one thing this makes it impossible to "use the latest updates" as advised on this community.

2. There are a few lines in the "documentation" about "Upgrading from Backlight to Backlight 2" but these are unclear. For instance, two directories are supposed to be left behind from the older Backlight installation (/backlight/data and /backlight/custom) but then we are supposed to "Continue to install Backlight 2 according to the Backlight 2 Installation Setup"..... What to do with the data and custom folders therein? I tried not installing those, but logging in to mydomain/backlight brought back the old version 1.2.3.

3. As I use pages, I wanted to install that as well, but it is unclear where that part of the installation software is. Needless to see that I did not even get to the point of trying to (re)install client response, theater etc.

Must say I am disappointed that after such a long time the documentation is still so poor that I cannot use my software without asking for help.

#16 Re: Backlight 2 Support » sudden death » 2019-07-04 09:05:03

Good day Ben!
I am very grateful for this vital piece of background. I had already drawn the inescapable conclusion that it was useless to further try and "hound the technical support" from hosts who deny and/or ignore the issues I have so tirelessly put before them. For this reason I am leaving, and will continue to work with Backlight on one of my other hosts where thing do work.

As far as I know PHP itself is not the problem, although only really diving into it's technical heart will open up all of its possibilities. But first and foremost....we are photographers (to be).

That said, I would aks TTG to consider the possibility of making some kind of test-set (I'm not a coder so this will most likely sound silly) in order for clients to check their hosts before investing quite a bit of time on what for many of us is - though much loved - a hobby and pastime. You speak of "well-reputed hosts" but I'm afraid that is way beyond what the vast majority of your users will be able to find before actually spending money. I have read hundreds of pages in my own country and all over the internet, looking for reliable client experience information, but again 90% of what you find is either very/too angry customer reviews or biased commercial promoting.

I will certainly forward the essence of my experiences and your valuable comments to my soon ex-provider if only to stress that with probably little effort they could have had and kept a happy client.

Oh and if you DO see a way to start TTG hosted solutions (day job or not wink).....LET ME KNOW!

Thanks again,

#17 Re: Backlight 2 Support » sudden death » 2019-07-02 19:52:54

Unfortunately there has been no reply to my message from june 23rd. In it - after many months of struggling with the exact net (non)outcome as Diederick (and others I am sure) - I have tried to broaden the issue in terms of preventing endless hide-and-seek games with unwilling providers ("contact your software support"...."we provided normal hosting"...), such as Versio and Strato.
Surely there must be either some sort of standard for this type of hosting, or at least a broadly accepted "best practice". Being able to refer to that would save a great deal of time and energy.

#18 Re: Backlight 2 Support » sudden death » 2019-06-24 07:56:36

Hi Ben,
Although this will not do Diederick or me any good, given the dreadful support at Versio: at least we're not alone smile
Worst complaint: they deny responsibility, refer back to developers like TTG and then - magically - the errors disappear for some time.....

I am on the verge of ending my contract, but for others' sake I would like to leave a farewell message for Versio. In it I would like to be able to refer to some kind of "standard" in terms of PHP configuration, which they obviously don't know or simply ignore. Could you tell me if there is such a thing, like there are conventions/standards/certifications for almost everything that actually works all over the net?
Could be important to mention something like this in the TTG documentation....

Hope you can help out again.

#19 Re: Backlight 2 Support » how to activate changed feedback profile » 2019-06-02 22:50:35

Yes, I did, many times.
Tried things on four different devices.
Also update Album and Index files.

This would be a vital issue since not all my "clients" should be presented with the same feedback options.

Funny (..) thing is, that the RIGHT feedback profile does show up when checking

users -> clients -> clientsname -> assign album

as well as

publisher -> galleries -> integration

I'll mail you the guest updates data, hope you can find out what's going on.

#20 Re: Backlight 2 Support » how to activate changed feedback profile » 2019-06-02 08:26:27

Hi Rod.

I did what you proposed, but now that I made yet another feedback profile for the same album, my client keeps getting the wrong feedbackprofile. The right version does show up in the clients login settings, in the integration tab in lightroom (republished) and in the private album settings. Quite frustrating that Backlight's documentation (search) is still so poor that one cannot help oneself and has to keep bothering you people.

#22 Re: Backlight 2 Support » switch between theater and client response » 2019-05-26 08:28:23

Thank You Rod, that might work. But where/how would I place those text links? And how will visitor find their way back to the originally chosen gallery?

#23 Backlight 2 Support » switch between theater and client response » 2019-05-25 09:07:46

Replies: 3

Is there a way to let visitors/users/clients switch between a Theater gallery and a Client Response Gallery?

Theater has of course better and more interesting ways of presenting pictures (e.g. juxtapose) but it seems a burden for clients to have to remember the filename from such a presentation before they can to a CRG version for requests, orders etc.

And would this involve two separate uploads, or can the same image files on my server be used?

#24 Backlight Support » change picture size in galleries » 2019-05-24 22:07:09

Replies: 2

Is it possible to change the size of the (individual) pictures people see in my galleries, mainly those in the Client Response?
When clicking on a thumbnail, one enters a screen with an awful lot of black around the photo, far more than is needed to keep the function icons visible. Sorry if I'm overlooking something.

#25 Backlight 2 Support » how to activate changed feedback profile » 2019-05-21 21:58:19

Replies: 12

I have changed the default feedback profile into my own version under a new name. However, I cannot find a way to make the changes become effective in my existing Client Response Gallery.
This is particularly important because I will be creating more of these profiles, and will want to (re)link them to several CRG's, from time to time.

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