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#1 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-10 01:20:22

Ben wrote:

Hi Sol, perhaps something has gone awry with the different changes you made with FTP interfering with the Backlight database.  Can you share FTP access and a Backlight admin login via Email so that I can look into it?

Your objective should be achievable by creating album sets within a single top-level gallery.  e.g. with a top-level gallery called 'clients' you could have:

clients/client-one-album-set/ [set as hidden from parent album set]
clients/client-two-album-set/ [set as hidden from parent album set]

Neither client will be able to see each-other's album set when browsing to /clients/

Then use access codes on the two album sets as needed to allow or block access to the respective clients.

Thanks, Ben.
Had initial confusion based on me being signed in, as noted by Rod. But your suggestions should get me what I want for viewing purposes.
Still never mastered the 'change the 'Top Gallery' naming issue, but I can work around it.
Thanks for your help.
- Sol

#2 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-09 23:47:44


LOL! OK, thanks, Rod.
Yeah, I opened up the page this morning, and I had been automatically logged out overnight, and to your point, I could only see the one page. I entered the direct url and I could then see the other two temp pages.
Thanks, man.

#3 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-09 11:38:56


Hey Ben,
I just set up, two sub-gallery sets, with two non-active gallery pages for each, for visual representation.
So there is one working actual gallery, and two new fake Gallery Sets, with sub galleries, as you described
I checked the ‘Hide Gallery Set’ for each of the Gallery Sets, as per your suggestion. I now see Gallery Sets with an ‘eye/hide’ icon.
A.) I still see both Gallery Sets there. So I see three galleries total on the ‘Galleries’ landing page. What I wanted was, when hidden, for the Gallery Sets to not be seen at all. So client ‘Harrington’, would only see that first gallery, not the other two Gallery Sets. They would not be available to Client one at all, even as a thumb-selection, as they are now.
B.) The Gallery Sets also still allow access, in spite of the ‘hide’ icon. I assume because I haven’t applied an actual pass code yet. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t the ‘hide’ icon be hidden until the pass code is applied?

Anyways, on the other links I had you looking at, I deleted them all today. Got frustrated with BL2. So figured out a (somewhat cumbersome) work-around in LR. Not giving up on BL2 yet. ...Not convinced it can’t do what I want it to do. :-)

#4 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-09 01:33:01


Hey, Ben.
So I did as you directed there. I changed the name, in the Backlight/Publisher Base settings to 'test-jchs-galleries'.
I 'Updated the Album Files' in Backlight's main screen.
I clicked on the 'View' link there in Publisher, for that 'JCHS Galleries'.
I now get the newly created URL (test-jchs-galleries), but the Album links are broken.
If I type in the old URL (jchs-galleries), that too is still there, but its Album links are also broken.

If I go into my server/files, I can see a newly created 'test-jchs-galleries' folder is there. But none of the nested albums and their images are in that folder.
The original folder (jchs-galleries), is also still there with it's nested albums and its images folders still in tact.

So it seems that changing the 'Directory' tittle in the Publisher settings, simply created a new folder with that new name on my server. It did not actually rename the old folder, as intended.


As to your suggestions on approach. My purposed goal is to generally limit each school's visibility to that school's parents and players. So they do not have to see all of the other schools and teams when I give them a 'Gallery Viewing' link.
But I also give them a dated-deadline for ordering to motivate purchasing decisions.
So the simple idea is to be able to change that gallery title, so it then disappears completely from their view. Not a password-blocked scenario.

Also, I'm always setting up different Sales Options for different teams, depending on what I have shot for a given team. So deleting them in LR is not what I want to do. That forces me to completely set up a new gallery from scratch for each new team and their next season. My hope is to be able to take a previous team's gallery, take it offline, make a few modifications, replace the actual images, and have essentially a template for upcoming galleries.
Is there a better way to do that? Open to suggestions. :-)

- Sol

#5 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-08 10:45:35


Hey Ben,
OK, here where I'm starting. It's a 'Top Gallery' with two nested Galleries. Basically, it's a particular School, with two Spring-Sports Teams.
I am wanting to be able to take these galleries offline, from view from the clients, after their purchasing period is done, simply by changing the title of the 'Top Gallery' to something they won't have access too, without actually deleting the galleries from Lightroom. That way, if I need to change it back for short extended grace period for those teams, I can do that by simply changing the Top Gallery name back to it's original title.
Really seems like aneasy enough idea. :-)

#6 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-08 10:26:33


Hey Ben,
Just posted the above info. When it refreshed, I saw your new post.
Give me a minute...

#7 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-08 10:25:23


FYI, I have noticed that even when I change the 'directory' link in the LR/Publisher, if I then right-click on the Gallery Title in LR, and select 'Go To Published Gallery', the link it tries to go to is the old link title, as that's what comes up in the URL in Safari. So its not acknowledging that I've changed the name of the gallery, as per what I what all I did above.

#9 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-08 09:44:31


Hey Rod,
So to refresh on this...
Bottom line, Is there a particular file on my server that I can delete/reset that will allow the Backlight Publisher to see my LR Gallery as a new file?
None of the various combos of changing names, and trying to reset, reload are working. I took a gallery that was previously published (thus known working), in trying to change the name of the 'top gallery' as discussed, I tried to delete all of the elements except for the original LR Gallery.
I deleted the Files for the gallery in Backlight/Publisher. Both nested album and Top gallery. Then went on to my server and deleted them there, as Backlight had not.
I then tried to reload the gallery as a new gallery, simply with a different name. I now get an error message that "the album for ID xxxxx could not be found". As if, it's still looking for that same gallery in Publisher somewhere.
Is there an index or log reset I need to do in Backlights files on my server? Or from within BL?

#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-06 12:02:04


OK, just found the ‘Update Files’ link you were referring.
That helped, but still can’t find the actual album page at the moment.

#11 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-06 11:59:56


To be clear, in my last post, the second (original) link and all the text that comes up at that link, should be appearing on the renamed ‘offline-...’ link, but with a gallery full of pictures. If I rename it back to it’s original naming at the two locations you mentioned, then the gallery looks normal again.
On your last suggestion...
If I try to update/republish from LR, I get an error message saying it can find the path.
Where are you referring to update within the BL2 Publisher? The actual Album edit page? Not seeing an ‘update’ per say.

#12 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-06 11:26:18


Hey Rod,
So I tried what you suggested, ... I think, I did it right. :-)

Here is the URL the way it appears in Backlight2 Publisher: … ball-2020/
(Previously the URL was … ball-2020/ )

So all I added was the text 'offline' to dhs-galleries. I added th same 'offline-dhs-galleries' in the 'Top-Level Galleries Directory box in LR. Theoretically, as I'm understanding you, that should work, right?

Any thoughts on where I went off the bridge here. :-b

#13 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-06 07:24:31


Hey Rod,
Thanks for the reply.
So yes, I can rename the actual gallery from within LR/TTG Publisher as your describing. Sorry I wasn't clear. I want to rename the Top Gallery that sub galleries are nested in, when needed. Is that possible?
That's where I was getting the error messages.

#14 Backlight 2 Support » Renaming A Gallery from Lightroom Publisher? » 2020-05-06 06:32:25

Replies: 22

So, I tried to rename a gallery in lightroom and republish it. Renamed it in the LR/TTG Publisher. So essentially, killing the old gallery, and publishing it as a newly renamed gallery. Though it is actually still the same gallery that I've already set up. I'm getting an error message saying the old gallery title "can't be found" when I try to republish it. Like it still wants to be the old gallery.
Is this not possible? What am I missing here? 
- Sol

#16 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Individual image watermarking? » 2019-11-28 00:24:45


Hey Rod, thanks the feedback.
I normally create my galleries and add watermarks from within LR Publisher. Sounds like you’re saying it can be done, but only from within the Backlight Publisher, correct?

#17 Backlight 2 Support » Is there plans for Shipping Calculation for Cart. » 2019-11-28 00:08:45

Replies: 2

Is the there a way to add, or if not, plans for adding A ‘Shipping Calculation’ feature to the Cart function?

#19 Re: Backlight 2 Support » How to change the PayPal icon? » 2019-11-28 00:04:01

rod barbee wrote:

Cart > Settings > Edit Settings
Scroll down to Checking out > PayPal button
Change from Image to Text.
This will swap out the PayPal button image for a regular button with the text "Check out with PayPal"

then, in Cart > Settings > Languages, edit click on Manage Language
Scroll down to the Buttons section. Look for BUTTON_PAYPAL and change the wording.

You may need to reset the cart to see changes
You may also need to close the browser and re-open to see the language changes.

If, instead, you want a different PayPal image button, that might be accomplished using jQuery.

Awesome. Thanks, Rod!

#20 Backlight 2 Support » Other payment options in the cart? » 2019-11-27 23:12:45

Replies: 2

Hey Guys,
Is it possible to offer other cart payment options, other than the included default PayPal option. Such as Square or Venmo, Apple Pay/Cash?

#21 Backlight 2 Support » How to change the PayPal icon? » 2019-11-27 23:10:07

Replies: 3

Hey Guys,
Where can I change the graphics for the PayPal icon button?
I want the button to say ‘PayPal or Credit Card’. Seems some of my Client/Parents get confused by it only saying ‘PayPal’, thinking they need a PayPal account to pay. (Yeah, I know).

#22 Backlight 2 Support » Individual image watermarking? » 2019-11-27 23:03:32

Replies: 3

Hey Guys,
I set my client-gallery folders to watermark the images normally. Is it possible to have a single image, or more, in a gallery not to be watermarked?
I know you can set the thumbs to not be watermarked. Hoping there might be a setting in Lightroom in the metadata list that allows you to isolate an image for non-watermarking. Similar to how you can tell an image to not display "Cart" options.

#23 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Cart Item (Product) - Applying No tax? » 2019-10-09 06:36:54


Bummer. Was hoping there might be a Lightroom/"Category" box option for that.

#24 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Cart Item (Product) - Applying No tax? » 2019-10-09 05:54:27


Anyone got a take on this?
Can you make a single item "tax-inclusive", or either "no tax applied"?

#25 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Going Live with Paypal? » 2019-10-09 05:11:28


Hey Rod,
Yeah that's one I just saw too.
Part of what's confusing me on that, is that the "Sandbox" process was done over at the "My Apps & Credentials" where they're asking you to create "REST API" apps and such, in "Live" and "Sandbox" variations.
It does say somewhere in there, that the NVP/SOAP API" is new terminology.
It's all foreign language to me. :-)

Thanks, man.

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