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#1 2018-05-10 05:52:51

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Making Slow Progress

I am slowly setting up my test site on BlueHost, but have run into an issue I can't seem to solve. All my pages (and home page) were built using the same Default Page Template.  Four pages - Instruction, Prints, About and Contact are all showing the information on the very top of the screen that I input into the Footer.  Additionally, on those pages, the Navigation menu is above the masthead, when for my home page, the Nav menu is where I want it - below the masthead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



#2 2018-05-10 06:30:58

rod barbee
From: Port Ludlow, WA USA
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Re: Making Slow Progress

You're using some html that is obsolete. And you have some of those tags closing in the wrong order.

One example:


done correctly this would be: <h2><em><B>Prints</B></em></h2>
However, this should probably be done with styling:
<h2 style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic;">Prints</h2>

Or if you wanted the em for SEO

<h2 style="font-weight:bold;><em>Prints</em></h2>

something similar is happening here:

<a href="" target="_blank"><B>Contact Me.</a></B></h3>

Things like this are breaking the html and that's the reason the pages are so wonky.

I'd suggest trying Markdown. It's easy to use and requires no html unless you're trying to go beyond what Markdown can do. … h_markdown

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#3 2018-05-10 07:13:25

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Re: Making Slow Progress

Thank you! As you have gathered, I am a complete novice at this!  Your help is invaluable.


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