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#1 2018-02-03 16:12:05

Daniel Leu
Registered: 2012-10-11
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Page specific PHP code

With CE4, G_STYLE could be used to insert page specific PHP code using phplugins. With Backlight, this is no longer possible. But there is a simple way around that:

First I need a simple helper function to keep my code clear and legible:

function page_match($gallery) {
   if (substr($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], 0, strlen($gallery)) == $gallery) {
      return 1;
   }  else {
      return 0;

And then I use this function to match specific pages:

function ttg_main_top( $style, $path ){
	if ( page_match('/about') ) {
		echo '....';
	} elseif ( page_match('/contact') ) {
		echo '....';
	} elseif ( page_match('/galleries/') ) {
		echo '....';
	} elseif ( page_match('/backlight/search') ) {
		echo '....';

As you can see, this can be used to select a single page or several pages on a lower level (eg, galleries) and then introduce page specific code. On my site, I use this add breadcrumbs to my standard pages.

All this code belongs into your custom phplugins file.

You find a bit more about phplugins in the documentation at … _phplugins.

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