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#1 2017-11-12 23:19:01

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TTG Highslide 2.0.8 with LR 6.5.1 stopped working


recently, my TTG Highslide Gallery 2.0.8 stopped working with Lightroom 6.5.1. Switching to "Web" and "TTG Highslide Gallery 2.0.8" results in a white preview page. Also publishing does no longer work. Are there any log files that I should have a look at? Does TTG Highslide Gallery 2.0.8 still work? Please help me with possible solutions.

Thank you and best regards



#2 2017-11-12 23:39:50

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Re: TTG Highslide 2.0.8 with LR 6.5.1 stopped working

Hi Stephan,

That's a really, really old version of the plugin and long unsupported. I have no idea why some of our old plugins no longer work in newer Lightroom versions. We have newer plugins that do work in current versions of Lightroom, and I strongly advise you look to them. Also, they're designed to be used on phones and tablets, which that older plugin was not, as it predates smart phones, mobile Internet, etc.

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#3 2017-11-12 23:39:58

rod barbee
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Re: TTG Highslide 2.0.8 with LR 6.5.1 stopped working

The Highslode gallery is pretty old and no longer supported.
The only suggestions I can make are to either revert to an earlier version of Lightroom that does work with it, get the new 2018 HTML Galleries: … lightroom/ ,
or update to Backlight.

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