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#1 2017-10-23 11:17:01

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Moving existing galleries from TTG 2016 to TTG 2018

I have about 40 galleries created with the free TTG 2016 plugin from a couple of years ago.   I want to update them all using one of the paid TTG 2018 plugins.   What's the easiest way to migrate these 40 galleries?   There is a TTG 2016 template for each gallery that points specifically to the TTG 2016 web engine.   I'd like to preserve as much of the look of the existing TTG 2016 galleries but have them use the TTG 2018 web engine.  Thanks!


#2 2017-10-23 12:13:57

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Re: Moving existing galleries from TTG 2016 to TTG 2018

That's just not how the Web module works, sorry. There's no way to upgrade an existing gallery, apart from throwing the same collection of images into the 2018 version and exporting the entire thing again.

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