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#1 2017-10-18 12:31:27

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Feature request: Sort options

Backlight can sort by Title or Slug, but trying to create a user defined sort order isn't possible without prefixing slugs with a number.

To get the sort order I'd like I have to create slugs like this:


Taking a cue from WordPress, pages have a "order" field. That's used to create a primary sort order.

I'd love to see Backlight include an order field. This way we are free to create titles and slugs of any text, and still sort by the order field.

I hazard to guess you have enough structure in the LR/Backlight database to include the order field, and then query that order field in the Album Set to then order it accordingly.

I know this has been an issue for years. I was hoping it was addressed in Backlight.



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