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#1 2017-05-20 08:36:51

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Error: Unable to perform action - LR plugin

I am using LR CC, Backlight 1.1.1, and Client Response 7.02. Just this week, I started receiving the "Unable to perform action" error in LR whenever I try to publish or re-publish an album.  I also receive an error when I'm just checking the configuration settings of the plugin.

Below are excerpt from my log files when I "check authorization" from within the settings of the TTG Publish service in LR. 


2017-05-19 21:07:25 +0000, DEBUG	callRemoteAPI:{"action":"checkAuth","galleryName":"galleries","version":"2.3.3"}&cs=3cdefe13e08ec513734e71413324d225
2017-05-19 21:07:26 +0000, DEBUG	callRemoteAPI result: {"status":"error","message":"The page sent an action which was not available."}

Publisher server app log

[19-May-2017 21:07:26] TRACE: ========================================== [  ] ==========================================
[19-May-2017 21:07:26] TRACE: $_REQUEST: Array(    [PHPSESSID] => i7i6prbi0f6h58rq9c1ttg4bg0)
[19-May-2017 21:07:26] TRACE: returning: {"status":"error","message":"The page sent an action which was not available."}

Any thoughts on what could have changed in my configuration to make this suddenly stop working?


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