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#1 2019-03-05 01:16:06

From: Montreal
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Login problem

This morning, I found that my web sites, that should be https, are no longer. Also, there seems to be a certificate problem, but I think I should take that up with my hosting.
But, trying to login to the backlight pages for these web sites, the credentials are not recognized.
I did the "retrieve passwords" routine, but alas these not recognized as well. Then, I tried the "reset passwords" on the backlight page for the sites, and "No accounts were found for this Username and Email"!

Sites:,, and

SOLVED although I don't know why. Could be that I upgraded the OS and, for the last week, it's been re-installation of applications, retrieve passwords, update applications...I don't think the workstation will be stabilized for a few weeks yet.

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