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#1 2018-04-17 19:02:18

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Login first time trouble

After just been playing around with Backlight for some time, I decided to get serious. Downloaded the latest update, deleted all the old backlight-content on my server (hosted by, uploaded new files to my server:

Now in the folder:

galleries (folder (777))
backlight (folder (777)) - the backlight/data folder is also 777


When I access I get this:

Backlight is not yet configured. Please login to Backlight to continue.

Clicking on the login to Backlight-link just reloads the page.

Have tried it ut on both Safari and Firefox.

The earlier version worked fine - although it's merely half a year since I last played around with it.

Any clues will be greatly appreciated!


#2 2018-04-17 20:01:38

From: Melbourne, Australia
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Re: Login first time trouble

The 'backlight' link assumes that the backlight directory is at the root of your site.  Your 'backlight' directory is instead at

Is that intentional to have placed the 'backlight' directory within your own backlight directory?  Using 'backlight' as the name of directories other than the one that ships in the zip file can cause problems.


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