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#1 2017-10-20 17:31:44

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2018 LR Plugin Demo

I have tweaked the 2018 demo as near to what I want as I know how to:

However, to make it usable for me here is my wish list (from top of page to the bottom):

1. The ability to select a top image that does not appear in the gallery

2. Change the weight of the heading.

3. A san serif text & footer font

4. Centre footer text.

If already possible please could someone link me to the details.

When I can do at least two of the above I will purchase and use all plugins in a heartbeat.

Many thanks to you all in advance

Regards Peter


#2 2017-10-20 17:51:06

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Re: 2018 LR Plugin Demo

1. I have found excluding images from the gallery to be problematic, due to how Lightroom loops through images in the filmstrip to build its grids. To wit, if the image is in the filmstrip, then it will be in the gallery.

2. Maybe, but I'm not jazzed about filling the plugins with micromanagement controls. They're intentionally slim.

3. Sans-serif font stacks are already included, and you can edit the font stacks in accordance with the CSS 'font-family' property to add whatever fonts you want. Just keep "web safe" practices in mind.

4. See #2.

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