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#1 2017-03-06 06:10:50

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SEO Revisited

I've read the older posts (well, those I could find) related to SEO and backlight. None of the comments mention the Theatre add-on. I forget, perhaps it came out after these discussions. The discussions I read seem focused on thumbnails and single images. Or perhaps I am just confused.

So, while I hesitate to re-tread old ground, I am wondering if captions, keywords, etc associated with images in a theatre gallery are still visible to the internet search engines. Images do get identified when I search within the site, but this doesn't give me confidence that Google and other search engines will find them.

Put more succinctly, does using theatre galleries make the images invisible to the internet search engines?

I've really gotten to like the theatre galleries, but if they are invisible to the search engines, I probably won't make such extensive use of them.



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