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#1 2016-09-15 17:46:49

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Using LR to publish fotos to a website

Hi there,

i allready have a Website with a CCS-based Framework. I put my photos in a few special folders using the ftp Publishing plugin for LR.
But this  Kind of workflow is not very comfortable...what will i do? I want to publish my Galleries directly to my Website by LR. The galleries should be displayed like this:  I would  like to Display a Ligthroom based Gallerie in an existing webpage

How could i manage this? What Kind of tool should i use..only the LR Plugin or the Publihser?

Thank's a lot


#2 2016-09-15 23:17:01

rod barbee
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Re: Using LR to publish fotos to a website

You could integrate Backlight into an existing website. The design won't match exactly but you might be able to come close.
This would probably be the most efficient solution. You'll be able to publish galleries using Lightroom's Publish Services.

You could also use the free TTG 2016 html gallery but this would be a two-step process: export the gallery to your hard drive and then upload to your site using FTP. You wouldn't have the index page like you show in the site you linked to.

You could also use TTG CE4 tools: CE4 Autoindex for the gallery index page and CE4 Gallery for the galleries themselves. These too would require exporting to the hard drive and uploading via FTP unless you also opt for adding TTG Publisher. But at that point, you might as well get Backlight.

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