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#1 2016-07-15 09:48:26

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CE4 to Backlight Conversion Hint

I converted a CE4 site to Backlight today following TTG instructions.  This is the second site I have implemented in Backlight -- the first was a clean install of a new site.  This one was a conversion of a CE4 site.

-- The Symptoms --
The conversion process seemed to work well, but at the end, I noticed that although all of the converted albums were formatted properly, my Album Set was not formatted properly.  (My gallery has 4 albums -- three in one set and another that is a standalone album.)  The three albums in the set were each formatted properly, and one album outside the set was formatted properly, but the album set page was unreadable.  Also, all the captions in all four albums were gone. 

-- My Solution --
If you see this symptom after a CE4 to backlight conversion, save yourself some head scratching and check that you have updated in Lightroom the Publisher API URL from the ttg-be directory to the backlight directory.  I had not, and even though I checked the API Key after installing Backlight, Lightroom evidently validated it against the old (ttg-be) API URL (I used the same API Key for ttg-be and Backlight) and told me all was copacetic.

Happy dance -- all is good now!!


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