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#1 2016-06-21 01:21:21

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Button look for payment method with text from "..proceed to checkout"

I have 2 payment possibilities: paypal and transfer/standard payment method. Both are displayed at the bottom of the cart. Paypal has a real "button" with some kind of icon. Transfer has only the text which is written in "BUTTON_PROCEED_TO_CHECKOUT":
"Bevorzugte Zahlmethode ÜBERWEISUNG!  Paypal-Gebühr umgehen. Danke.  BITTE HIER KLICKEN!"

and a button function but no button look. I would like to have it looking like button with some kind of icon (I have prepared a picture for that). How can I change the look/ insert the "icon"?

As a test example: … weiz-2017/
(please test with putting something in the "Warenkorb")

Thanks in advance
Best regards


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