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#1 2016-06-04 22:31:10

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Sizing Spacing and Margins

Looking for a little guidance on something I am attempting to do probably a little beyond the design intent of the current release or more likely beyond my current understanding.

First I have become quite pleased with Backlight - it's now become fun to use - a difficult learning experience.

Polyptych -

The three albums in this set is a series of images I wish to present 2 up, 3 up and 4 up.  By altering the number of columns I seem to have accomplished what I want.  Of course mobile will be more awkward or impossible.  In all cases the user must adjust the window size to accomplish what I want.

The 4-up seem to give me the most unexpected results.  It was only until I reduced the size of the screen that the images became 4-up in a single row.  A similar surprising thing is 2-up. When reducing the size the compensation adjusts until all of a sudden it goes 4-up.

The variables I altered where Thumbnail sizes. Style Classic worked best, Max/Min columns and column sizes.

Any suggestions to make it work better.



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