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#1 2016-05-08 01:13:25

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All the other bits of Backlight not mentioned so far

Matt & Ben (& Rod)

I've been playing with Backlight for a couple of days now. And I actually have a pretty useable site. Sure I've raised a few issues, a couple of which we need to get to the bottom of, but for a first release with such radical changes it is pretty impressive. I'm really very aware of how much there is in there that just works well.

I've felt a bit bad bombarding you with a series of problems. I just wanted to balance that with a thank you for all the stuff in there that we don't have to complain about!



#2 2016-05-08 02:10:10

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Re: All the other bits of Backlight not mentioned so far

Thanks, Chris.

There's always going to be "1.0" problems, and this release has had a few. But it's gone rather well, relatively speaking. Hopefully we'll have the most prevalent issues stomped in our first patch, and can focus on more interesting things very soon.

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