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#1 2016-04-16 08:49:08

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Pages crashing on Android when created by Stage CE4

I am using CE4 Stage to create video embedded pages.  Everything is working perfectly for windows based browsers, but when I launch the page in any browser on an Android phone (Galaxy) the page loads but then the browser either crashes immediately (always for Firefox most recent version) or simply stays on the loading screen without ever stating the video.  Any ideas?


#2 2016-04-16 16:57:00

From: San Francisco, CA
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Re: Pages crashing on Android when created by Stage CE4

What type of video are you embedding? The size of the video might be exceeding the available memory on your device. This is a common problem when using HTML5 video protocol to embed local video. If that's the case, you'd do well to put your video on Vimeo.

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