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#1 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Securing a page. » 2019-03-02 05:50:13

Matthew wrote:
dbfoto wrote:

I want a page to be password-protected, is this possible?

Another solution, make an album is no images. Or use Theater to create a "Still image" page with just one image. Password protect it, hide is from your album set, and put a link to that page in the site menu.

If you don't want to have "galleries" in the URL, then simply create a second top-level called "private" or whatever, and publish any protected albums-masquerading-as-pages to that location.

If you wanted to put a password protected album as your index page. A page with a different menu set than your default menu. Once the access is offered up, all the default menu options appear. Is there a way to prevent the default menu from coming up as you are entering your passcode? In trying this as my index page, anyone can bypass the access code by simply go to the other menu options on the default menu set. Do you have to reverse the menu sets to get this to work?

#2 Re: Backlight Support » new user- pages still not loading » 2018-07-03 10:55:12

I will try this strategy tomorrow. Thank you both for the help.

#3 Re: Backlight Support » new user- pages still not loading » 2018-07-03 08:27:08

Very much appreciate your fast input. After your clarification, I would prefer to not use wordpress for anything other than the blog with the limitations you point out. Do you know of any kind of work around to password protect a page? I can see that you can password protect albums, but that did not seem to work as a gatekeeper.

#4 Re: Backlight Support » new user- pages still not loading » 2018-07-03 07:36:18

I sent a note about the issue of using wordpress as your home page and the backlight wordpress module for the blog. I have moved the wordpress files from the original location /blog and put them in the root directory of my site. I can make the wordpress homepage come up to see the menu structure from backlight, but I can only open the backlight information as a gallery. I can not open any pages from my menus in backlight. I am using the htaccess file from wordpress (the basic information) and the index.php is from wordpress. I know this is self-inflicted but I am not sure how to recreate the backlight content to display a page instead of the gallery view?

#5 Re: Backlight Support » Add Login to Standard PHP » 2018-06-26 05:42:59

So if I have installed my wordpress under the blog folder as shown on … ress_setup, I would now need to move the wordpress directories to match this summary

You may then intermingle these folders with your Wordpress installation:

In this scenario, the index.php and .htaccess files belong to Wordpress.

Am I correct?

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Add Login to Standard PHP » 2018-06-25 10:31:25

Is it possible to use wordpress as your password protected home page and Backlight for all the photography and the wordpress add-in for the blog as part of backlight?

#7 Re: CE4 Gallery » Unable to perform action: getSetupForTemplate » 2018-03-16 23:49:05

I got this getSetupForTemplate error earlier in the week and got around it somehow. I had all of my data on my site wiped and I am trying to reinstall. How do you get reconnected with the templates? I have checked the API and it authenticates. When I look in the galleries top level in the template column I only see N/A

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