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#1 Re: CE4 Cart » Using CE4 Cart standalone » 2016-04-27 01:57:19


Just to close this, I ended up creating my own plugin to have this functionality with more mainstream shop and gallery solutions.

Thanks in any case.

#2 Re: CE4 Cart » Using CE4 Cart standalone » 2016-04-05 18:22:10

Matthew wrote:

Really, I have no idea whether that's feasible. It's certainly not the intent of the software that we've built.

I guess it should depend on how it's built. I would guess that it could be relatively simple depending on how the CE4 gallery image data is passed onto the Cart functions. If it's fairly straightforward then it should be easy to replace that with data from a Wordpress gallery.

But that's something that I can't evaluate without the actual plugin, and I obviously wouldn't buy it without asking first.

#3 Re: CE4 Cart » Using CE4 Cart standalone » 2016-04-05 03:24:46

rod barbee wrote:

Have you looked into the Woo Commerce plug-in for WordPress?

Thanks for your comment Rod, I appreciate it.

I have - actually it's what I am trying to setup anyway - but the fact is that I am not that proficient in PHP or Wordpress development to integrate what I need with Woocommerce - i.e. passing all the custom variables around to the woocommerce cart is not as simple as I thought. Beside that, Woocommerce is kind of heavy performance and feature wise considering what I actually require.

#4 CE4 Cart » Using CE4 Cart standalone » 2016-04-05 02:02:05

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I found your plugins after looking for a simple cart shopping system for my Wordpress powered website. So I do not need any kind of Lightroom integration, I just want to hook the cart system to my images via PHP.

I already have written Wordpress code snippets for hooking a button to whatever images I have in Wordpress, and was thinking of connecting that to the cart plugin, using your documented "Write-in Purchase Buttons" instructions.

Is this feasible? I really do not have any use for the rest of the suite, given it would break the way I've designed my website.

I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but as you might guess I tried to find any specific info but to no avail.

Thank you for your time!

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