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#1 Re: Backlight Support » Lightroom installed on a new computer » 2017-10-01 02:19:24

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

That's what I thought, but I use the same catalog and my albums do not appear...

#2 Backlight Support » Lightroom installed on a new computer » 2017-10-01 01:55:00

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Hi everyone,

I just reinstalled Lightroom on a new iMac and added the TTG Publisher plugin.

Is there a way to import the pages already published on my website into this publication service of LR?

Thanks in advance for your help.

#3 Re: Backlight Support » Help need after upgrade (SOLVED) » 2017-08-21 22:13:03

Thanks for your help Ben, much appreciated!

#4 Re: Backlight Support » Help need after upgrade (SOLVED) » 2017-08-20 22:13:31

Hi Ben and thanks for your prompt reaction. I just sent the FTP access details via email.

#5 Backlight Support » Help need after upgrade (SOLVED) » 2017-08-20 19:20:39

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I have skipped a couple of upgrades and finally decided to upgrade to the latest version. I must have missed something as when I try to reach my website, I now get the following error message:

Unable to load template: ./backlight/framework/../admin/application/views/templates/template_home.php

Any help/suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


#6 Re: Backlight Support » Add logo as page title » 2016-11-06 22:29:57

Thanks Rob, I had found out how to do it in the mean time.

Backlight is so much easier, big thumbs up!

#7 Backlight Support » Add logo as page title » 2016-11-06 16:53:50

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Hi everyone, I set up Backlight yesterday in no time; thanks for the great work, it is such an improvement from CE4!

I have not found out how to place my logo (png file) as a heading on all my pages.

Any help is welcome.

I just realised I've put this in the wrong section of the forum... So sorry about that, Imhaven't managed to delete my post.

And I found how to do it. This post can be deleted.

#8 Re: CE4 Pages » Email not received » 2015-07-12 00:21:13

Thanks a lot for your help. It works now!


#9 Re: CE4 Pages » Email not received » 2015-07-10 17:20:56

OK, thanks, I will try this.

I had seen these posts, but discarded them as I do not use Bluehost...

#10 Re: CE4 Pages » Email not received » 2015-06-30 22:40:54

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for not replying earlier but I have been away...

So, I set up my TTG-BE mail options as follows:

Site Email: my Google email adddress
Vendor Email: my Google email address

Mail Send Type: smtp
SMTP Host:
SMTP Username: my Google email address
SMTP Password: my Google email password
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Security Protocol: ssl

Now, when I try to send an email from my contact page, I get the following error message:

fsockopen(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed|#0 [internal function]: ErrorHandler::handleError(2, 'fsockopen(): SS...', '/htdocs/ttg-be/...', 125, Array) #1 /htdocs/ttg-be/framework/lib/SMTP.php(125): fsockopen('ssl://smtp.gmai...', 465, 0, '', 10) #2 /htdocs/ttg-be/framework/lib/PHPMailer.php(604): SMTP->Connect('ssl://smtp.gmai...', 465, 10) #3 /htdocs/ttg-be/framework/lib/PHPMailer.php(520): PHPMailer->SmtpConnect() #4 /htdocs/ttg-be/framework/lib/PHPMailer.php(413): PHPMailer->SmtpSend('Date: Tue, 30 J...', '--b1_a11f961102...') #5 /htdocs/ttg-be/framework/helpers/EmailHelper.php(115): PHPMailer->Send() #6 /htdocs/ttg-be/framework/helpers/EmailHelper.php(61): EmailHelper->sendEmailViaSMTP() #7 /htdocs/ttg-be/admin/application/delegates/ContactDelegate.php(67): EmailHelper->send() #8 /htdocs/contact.php(155): ContactDelegate->contact(Array, Array) #9 {main}|URL: /contact.php

#11 CE4 Pages » Email not received » 2015-06-26 01:05:18

Replies: 10

Hello everybody,

I have setup my website using CE4-TTG and am very happy with it so far.

I have one problem though: I don't receive the messages sent from my contact page. I found the following page which is helpful: … ntact_form

One question: I can't find where to enter the email addresses as mention on point "5. Verify your receiving address; supply a FROM address"

Any help welcome.

#12 Re: CE4 Pages » Site setup, few questions » 2015-04-25 01:16:32

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I had indeed added the entire tag, and not just the ID string! So I corrected it and everything is fine now.

Some follow-up questions:

- If I want to use a Galleria slideshow in order, do I need to buy CE4 Stages or can it be done with Pages?

- Finally, the option "Enable maps" was not set under the features tab of the album. I suppose the option "Delete localisation info" should not ne ticket in the CE4 Publisher settings?

Thanks again for your feedback and have a nice week-end!

#13 CE4 Pages » Site setup, few questions » 2015-04-24 18:09:55

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Hi everyone, I am new here. I installed the Web Publishing Suite only yesterday and my site is already up and running.

Here is the URL:

I still have a few questions though:

- at the top left corner of every page, I have */> that appears. Any idea where that comes from?

- I authorized the publication of the localisation metadata. Some of my pictures are geolocalised, but the icon to open Google Map remains grey

- I copied the meta tag from the Google Webmaster Tools into my home page but when I try to verify it, I get the message "We weren't able to verify your site:"

- is it possible to chose the picture that appears on the home page randomly so that it changes every time?

Any help/suggestion welcome.

One more question regarding updates: if I change some texts or add a page to my site, what do I have to reupload? For example: there is a typo on my Galleries page, I wrote picure iso picture. I changed it in LR. If I export again, what files do I have to upload again?

And thanks for this great product!

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