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#1 Re: General » Text alignment in all engines » 2012-09-28 22:15:52

Yup - I am coming to that realization as I am reconfiguring much of what I have already done, but at the same time I think I am learning a lot.  (Hey - only one sentence - two counting this one!)

#2 Re: General » Text alignment in all engines » 2012-09-28 14:09:06

Hi Rod,

Ah yes, from the long ago days when I knew and used HTML I always did inlign images.  Actually i have printed out the Markdown Tutorial and planed to use it, just like i intend to use phplugins in a serious way, real soon now!.  I guess i have been taking the approach of doing a lot of stuff manually first to get a feel for the programs, gradually adding levels of sophistication at whatever rate my addled brain can take.  So I think we have exhausted this topic.

Again, you (and Matt) have been a great help in getting me started (even though Matt does think that I am verbose smile ).

#3 Re: General » Text alignment in all engines » 2012-09-28 07:43:37

Hi Rod,

Being verbose doesn't do it - after all when is verbosity ever a good thing??  I did find the solution however.  In Copy Area, the Block, put container and content width to fixed and have content width about 10% less than the container.  This works very nicely.  The padding left-right just below the width getting only affect the extreme left and right - can't find anything that adjusts the space between image and text.  However, the engine with the settings  I put in, 1000, 1000, padding a small number - a few tens, does a good job of spacing the two.  If padding is too large, than there are these ugly blank margins on extreme left and right while spacing between image and text doesn't change.


#4 Re: General » Text alignment in all engines » 2012-09-28 03:02:03

I have a related question about Highslide:  In the Blocks I often have image left text right.  But it seems that independent of the size I then specifiy for the image there is alway a big gap between image's right hand side and the left hand side of the text (left aligned of course).  is there anyway to shrink the size of this gap so that the text is snugged up against the image?

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