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#1 Re: Backlight Support » Feature Request: Backlight menu behaviour change » 2017-12-06 16:25:57

Thank you Rod for your response. I have found your posts and your example sites extremely valuable during my work with the CE4, Backlight and the new Pangolin modules. Your guides on the use of the inspector and the snippets of CSS have made progress possible when I was stuck and the examples of the use of the responsive grid idea have helped with improvements to my site during the transition to the Pangolin modules.

Daniel your site is lovely, very elegant and minimal . I like your approach to the menu too and will give some thought to starting again on a development server as a separate project whilst leaving my current site more or less as it is so that there is no pressure to complete the project in any particular time scale.

Now that it is clear that I have not missed some obvious option to implement what I would like to see with the menus I have decided to carry on with the move to Pangolin and some cosmetic changes. I have used CSS and PHP addins to improve my site and have some confidence in doing that sort of thing now. I had already set the breakpoint to640px after viewing on desktops, ipads, other tablets, big phones and small phones. The menu scheme I have implemented is the best compromise I reckon. I think that anyone who really wants to explore my site and enjoy any photographs they might like would not want to do it on the smallest phones so it will be the minority that have to deal with my menu issues.

I also think I have far too many galleries and I plan to set about paring these down. I must learn to be more selective I feel.
I have my website URL at the end of this should you want to take a look. The transition to Pangolin is almost complete and has gone well. It is easy to mix Pangolin and Okapi and have found very few conflicts on the live site or within Lightroom publisher. So my paring and the switch to Pangolin galleries will be completed in tandem.

Thanks again to both.

Tony P

( no .uk as many people think I have forgotten to type ;-)

#2 Backlight Support » Feature Request: Backlight menu behaviour change » 2017-12-05 22:24:45

Replies: 3

Not sure if this is the best place to request a feature. Please move if required.
My site does have a good number of galleries that are nested in levels. The menu feature that enables a viewer to hover on the top level galleries item and see a drop down and flyout display of descendants on a desktop is really good. However when the same site is viewed on a tablet or mobile device the hamburger menu mode is activated. In this mode with the descendent feature enabled the top item in the vertical menu list is Home, next is galleries and below that the complete descendent list of the nested descendants. A new comer to the site will have to scroll a long way down the list before he comes to the next main header item after galleries.

I know that I could move the gallery main header to the right and make it the last item but this layout does not seem to conform to the norm or appear sensible.

So could the menu template system be amended so that the drop down list of descendants option could be applied to desktop menus only and not to Hamburger menus on mobiles? Or options for both, either or none.  Alternatively could the menu headings where the descendant option has been selected ,( the headings with the little down arrow to the right of the name) be changed to require a click to expand the list downwards and default to not expanded downwards on hamburger menus?

I hope I have made my points clearly enough here, its easy to demonstrate but harder to describe.

Hopefully someone will spot that Backlight already provides a way of doing this but I have noticed that the showcase sites I have viewed display the same behaviour that my system does.

Tony Parsons

#3 Re: Backlight Support » No navigation menu on tablet or phone » 2017-11-13 22:22:07


In my case you were right.
Many thanks

Tony P

#4 Re: Backlight Support » No navigation menu on tablet or phone » 2017-11-13 18:09:52

I appear to have the same problem. My site is built on okapi and I started to explore pangolin last week.see test page … -pangolin/

I have tried all sorts of things and cannot get a menu on my iPad iOS 10 .

For rod I have set guest/guest also.


#5 Re: Backlight Support » Flickity-slideshow? Theater 1.04 » 2017-03-10 23:56:51

Ok thanks again. I will continue to play with the set within theatre and add some code if I need it. Cheers, Tony.

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Flickity-slideshow? Theater 1.04 » 2017-03-10 23:34:52

Thanks Rod. I get it now. However there is still a little something I don't quite get. I can get autoplay running by setting a non zero value in the template Album setup. The theatre page opens up and the slideshow begins to autoplay. I can stop the play by clicking on the image but I cant get the autoplay to restart after that. In other words I am looking for a way to pause and restart the autoplay as required by the user. Do you have any advice for me on this aspect?

#7 Backlight Support » Flickity-slideshow? Theater 1.04 » 2017-03-10 20:49:52

Replies: 4

I have been working on the very fine Backlight for a while now but have had a few months away from this work due to many other distractions. Coming back to the task I looked at the demo page for Theater and saw a demo of the Flickety-slideshow which I liked the look of.
So I purchased the module and installed it fine but I can't find the Flickety slideshow presentation type in the template. Only the Slider-Flickety type.

Am I missing something obvious perhaps. Could someone enlighten me on this please?


#8 Re: Backlight Support » something went wrong message » 2016-06-13 19:52:59

For info I have now also made this change and my site appears to continue working fine as before.
Tony P

#9 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 19:43:49

Again Ben that was very helpful in explaining the problem I had and in understanding the way these things work under the hood. Tricky to diagnose indeed but very rewarding when you have the answer.

Tony P

#10 Re: Backlight Support » something went wrong message » 2016-06-13 18:30:15

Ben. I read this and thought I would get ahead a bit and so I made the change which actually broke my site. I could not see any of my albums so I restored line 1064 and it began to work normally again. Hope this is helpful input. Tony P

#11 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 17:27:57

Rod. I wondered if you would elaborate on the 'broken web fonts issue' you spotted on my site? Thanks Tony P

#12 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 15:20:07

Well done Ben. It worked. Not had a thorough final look at all functionality but the error 404 comes up now as expected. So grateful to all moderators and the writing team for the excellent tech support. The htaccess stuff looks a bit hairy and I am also glad I did not have to deal with solving that on my own. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow and implement, I have a hunch a few more similar cases will find a fix here. Will start populating the main albums later today.

#13 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 05:56:52

Just to clarify a point here Rod. My galleries directory only has backlight material in it. I started afresh both with my test site and when I migrated to the live site. The top level directory for Ce4 was by default /galleries and so it is also by default in backlight.
Tony p

#14 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 04:51:28

Another clue to add here. I restarted my test site and I note that the problem with not trapping invalid URL's in the galleries tree was also here. I had not noticed it before so it may not be related to my migration to a live site.
Going to bed now. tone the tired of sitting in front of these screens. Good Night all.
Tony P

#15 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 04:34:06

I read  tomowensphoto story of his migration and tested a non existent URL in his galleries tree and I got a similar result to mine. I used galleries/rubbish here and it did not produce an error on his site either.

#16 Re: Backlight Support » Going from Test environment to Live environment - a few questions » 2016-06-13 04:30:07

I have a similar but not exactly the same as you Tom. If I try a non existent URL on your site such as I would expect to get an error message as there is no such gallery. I get a top level galleries display on your site instead just as I do on mine. See my post today about this topic.
Tony P

#17 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 04:02:07

I just visited my neighbour ( Very pleased to see me and gave me a glass of very nice red wine) anyway tested the two examples above on their PC ( has a different IP and has never visited my site before) and the same anomalies were exhibited there. I conclude from this test that it is not some local caching issue at my installation here.

Tony P

#18 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 03:40:53

Also see email I have just sent you with screen shot of what happens if I use this URL … park-2016/

This was an album that existed in my old CE4 site ( which also used galleries as the top level directory for the album and album sets)
Tony P

#19 Re: Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 03:15:06

Thanks for looking Rod

Try For me this brings up galleries and does not error to indicate the folder does not exist
Also from my blog try any of the links under the main entries which linked back to my original ce4 site. These do not cause an error here either but bring up a top level gallery page with corruptions such as the social media buttons are wrongly coloured and not centred as they normally are.

#20 Backlight Support » system does not error on bad /Gallery URL's after migration from test » 2016-06-13 01:54:02

Replies: 15

I had built and tested an upgraded site on a subdomain. I have spent a good deal of time on this. All seemed very solid and met my requirements so I decided to migrate to my main site with the test site body. The migration went well with no major problems and all seemed fine until I accidently tried to open a non existing gallery page on the live site using a URL that related to my original CE4 site with the same top Galleries directory. Instead of getting an error message like "Somethings gone wrong" the site ended up in an unstable state with the root of /galleries open showing sub gallery thumbnails

Any other invalid directory than under /galleries causes an error message.

Here are the things I have tried in order to resolve this unexpected snag.

Re-publishing the galleries that were on my test site to the live site.
Removing the subdomain in which my test site was built
Clearing the template cache in designer
Deleting all browser caches on my local machines
Testing with other PC's and tablet devices - same results.
Tried the same erroneous /Gallery/rubbish/  URL's with Rod Barbee's test site - no similar problem here.

Here is the URL to my live site

#21 Re: Backlight Support » Cookie Module » 2016-06-08 17:52:08

Thanks Rod for link to the cookie info site. What a lot of fuzzie mumbo jumbo that law is. Typical EU rubbish IMHO. Looks like I should give thought to including something as it seems even my social media buttons for Facebook and Flickr are in scope. I look forward to casting my Brexit vote in a few days time?

#22 Re: Backlight Support » Cookie Module » 2016-06-08 05:27:24

I have been building a new website with Backlight in a sub domain of my main CE4 site. I live in the UK. At the risk of asking a silly question - does building a website using backlight imply use of cookies and therefore I too need to deal with the matter being discussed in this topic? Or are the members interested in this topic doing something more advanced with their sites that call for the addition of cookie warnings as discussed here? Advice and guidance welcome.

#23 Re: Backlight Support » iPad screen layout behavior with backlight » 2016-05-28 16:09:04

That was very helpful Matt. I am guilty of 'not keeping my eye on the ball' wrt to this subject and I have caught up a bit. I found the link to the Test Page in the first of your two articles appeared to me missing, it caused an Error 404.
Many thanks for the excellent précis.

#24 Re: Backlight Support » iPad screen layout behavior with backlight » 2016-05-28 02:53:16

Thank you Rod for putting me right on the retina devices. Backlight would not accept values for the breakpoint below 1000 but at 1000 the iPad reverts to normal navigation when viewing the site. I also see what you mean about the drop down menus. They just don't appear anymore. However if I change the menu item Galleries in the Designer to Link to Album set from Non Interactive the album sets appear on the page when the top level menu item Galleries is clicked and that all seems to wok that way OK. The drop down gallery menu still works fine on my PC and if the Gallery top menu item is clicked then the page fills with album set icons to choose from so it could be seen as the best of both worlds perhaps.
Many thanks again.

#25 Backlight Support » iPad screen layout behavior with backlight » 2016-05-28 01:30:27

Replies: 5

I am I think rather confused about how mobiles, tablets and desktop display layouts are determined and managed. I have over the last couple of weeks developed a new site on a subdomain on my main domain. My home desktops display what I intend in a very pleasing way. I understand why a mobile phone needs to have a different approach to the layout for practical reasons and the 'hamburger'  icon replaces the navigation bar that appears on my desktop machines. However I used a tray as a sidebar on two of my pages today. I am pleased with the appearance of the layout on my desktops. When I tried to view the results on my iPad Air the tray content was not visible as the tray space was now used for the hamburger menu system.

However the screen resolution of my iPad air is even greater than my desktops. 1920 x 1200 on my desktop and 2048 x 1536 on my iPad. So I believe the iPad is more than fitted to display clearly the normal navigation as per my desktop screens. If it was possible I would like to see the hamburger system only come into play on the IPhone which is clearly too physically small for practical use in this way.

So can anyone enlighten me on this issue and can anyone advise on how I might set up backlight to achieve a desktop like screen layout on my iPad?

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