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#1 Re: Backlight Support » Shopping cart payment options » 2018-12-15 19:19:30


We have tentative plans to support Stripe, but as yet don't yet have the time to implement it.

#2 Re: Backlight 2 Support » 2nd Wordpress installation » 2018-12-15 19:18:26


Hi Oliver, running multiple wordpress sites on the same server as Backlight is an edge case, so not something that we're likely to address within Backlight.

I can think of a couple of options:

1. Export to the one site, and copy over the themes to your other WP site as needed
2. Run a common themes directory symlinked from one or more of your WP installations. (this would require command-line access, which I can help with if you have it).

#3 Re: Backlight Support » Upexpected error: PHP Startup: imagick » 2018-12-15 14:43:49


We have a document on this and similar errors. See if this helps, especially the steps to hide startup errors: … n_bluehost

#4 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Installed Backlight 2 - Now HTTP500 error. » 2018-12-14 06:12:23


All good, Kurt?  The other explanation for a missing 'language_code' would be if Backlight 2 hadn't been upgraded to the latest version.

#5 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Updating to PHP 7.0 apparently broke CRG feedback » 2018-12-13 11:22:52


You can't use SMTP settings on Bluehost accounts.  The solution was to add the email address and leave it as 'mail', which you've now done.  Since you're no longer seeing emails come from box... then that part looks to be in good order.

I created a document on getting emails to work properly on Bluehost, at … n_bluehost
I suggest also looking at the second step to see if that helps, Configure the PHP sendmail_path setting.

#6 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Updating to PHP 7.0 apparently broke CRG feedback » 2018-12-12 18:09:16


There should be a reasonable fix for that.  Bluehost needs to know that the from address is valid before it sets the 'from' properly in the outgoing email.  To fix this, create an email inbox for that email address in the Bluehost control panel.  You don't actually need to use Bluehost to handle the email, so that address would still operate as it already does.  It's just that Bluehost will know that that is an address you've set up.

#7 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Updating to PHP 7.0 apparently broke CRG feedback » 2018-12-12 06:34:08


I don't think the change from 5.6 to 7 alone would cause email to stop working.  It's more likely that your host has broken something as part of the upgrade.  What settings do you have for email settings, in particular the setting for 'Mail Send Type'?
Can you visit the main Backlight page, then click on Send Test Email under the Special Links heading?  That will let you send test emails, to see if they get through.  Setting Show Debug Messages to 'yes' may provide some information about what's going wrong.

#8 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Installed Backlight 2 - Now HTTP500 error. » 2018-12-12 06:29:18


Hi Kurt, unfortunately 500 errors alone don't provide any information on the underlying problem.  Can you provide me with FTP access via Email so that I can look into this?

#9 Re: Backlight Support » Go to checkout craches » 2018-12-08 06:03:15


Hi Markku,this is caused by a compatibility issue with PHP on your server.   To fix this, download the latest Backlight zip file and replace the files under backlight/framework.

#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » PHP 7.3 » 2018-12-07 20:20:14


We haven't tested it against 7.3.  If you find something amiss then we'll look into it and fix it.

#11 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Cannot enter to Backlight Modules » 2018-12-06 13:53:27


Have you tried emailing the address in the message?

As it says, this is a server error. We can’t tell what’s happening on your server to cause this. It’s likely something blocking the Modules page from contacting our server to check for updates.
Have you previously been able to load that page? Have you recently had a server or PHP upgrade?

Please provide me with FTP access via email so that I can try and work out what’s going wrong.

#12 Re: Backlight Support » Go to checkout craches » 2018-12-04 05:33:35


Hi Kristoffer, since installing Backlight, your host has changed the version of PHP, making it incompatible with what you're running.
I'll need to make some changes to the Cart to make it compatible again.  If you could provide me with FTP access via email then that will help me check that the changes will work.

#13 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Explanation of .htaccess file ? » 2018-12-03 19:24:52


For your info, here's the new version of the .htaccess file.  We haven't fully tested it but it should work properly:

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
    <FilesMatch "\.(eot|font.css|otf|ttc|ttf|woff)$">
        Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
	RewriteEngine On

	# The below two lines will take a REQUEST_URI like /directory/foobar.php and set the variable BASE to /directory/
	#RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}::$1 ^(.*?/)(.*)::\2$
	#RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [E=BASE:%1]

	RewriteBase /
	RewriteCond $0#%{REQUEST_URI} ([^#]*)#(.*)\1$
	RewriteRule ^.*$ - [E=BASE:%2]

	RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [E=QS:mod_rewrite=on]

	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
	RewriteRule ^([^\/.]*)-single.php$ %{ENV:BASE}single.php?%{ENV:QS}&id=$1 [QSA,L]

	# Attempt to load dynamic resources if file doesn't exist
	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
	RewriteRule ^([^\/.]*)\.(css|js|gif|png|jpg)$ %{ENV:BASE}index.php?%{ENV:QS}&extension=$2&name=$1 [QSA,L]

	#RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !mod_rewrite=on
	#RewriteRule ^index.php$ %{ENV:BASE}index.php?%{ENV:QS} [QSA,L]

	RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !mod_rewrite=on
	RewriteRule ^mobile.php$ %{ENV:BASE}mobile.php?%{ENV:QS} [QSA,L]

	RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !mod_rewrite=on
	RewriteRule ^(.*)download.php %{ENV:BASE}download.php?%{ENV:QS} [QSA,L]

	# Address is /
	RewriteRule ^$ %{ENV:BASE}index.php?%{ENV:QS} [QSA,L]

	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
	RewriteRule ^(.*)$ %{ENV:BASE}index.php?%{ENV:QS}&page=$1 [QSA,L]


#14 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Explanation of .htaccess file ? » 2018-12-03 19:22:34


We have not yet updated the .htaccess file.  It's in our working code and will come along with the next maintenance release.

The only functional change is that it will fix the issue that you've found - that of inadvertently failing to allow real resource files at the top level.
Those lines are currently redundant, so commenting them out as you have done will be fine.

For a technical explanation, there are checks in the .htaccess that will allow real files to be loaded if they exist.  Unfortunately, those checks only apply until the next rule that has an L between the square brackets.  So it's a logic error in our .htaccess file that prevents those resource files from being loaded if they're actual files on disk.

#15 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Publishing errors reappear with a vengeance » 2018-11-28 06:21:06


Wordfence provides a valuable defence, so I wouldn’t suggest leaving it switched off.
I’m looking into a way of detecting that notices and warnings are generated outside Backlight and ignoring them rather than displaying errors. Once I have that working Wordfence and publishing should play nicely together.

#16 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Publishing errors reappear with a vengeance » 2018-11-27 05:22:14


On second thoughts, this looks to be Wordfence doing it's thing, and not the insane line that I mentioned above.  The steps above may still solve it.  Another option may be to configure Wordfence to exclude scanning of requests made to /backlight/ and subdirectories.  I'm not sure how you'd go about doing that.
Can you email one of the images that is giving you issues?

#17 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Publishing errors reappear with a vengeance » 2018-11-27 05:15:58


Hi Mark, fist of all please don't spend hours and hours on issues like this.  We're here to help via the forums or email.

[EDIT: please see my post below]

Wordfence has added an insane line of code in rules.php that throws and attempts to suppress an error.  I'm not sure why they're doing it, but it causes Backlight to throw errors.  To get around this:

* Visit Backlight > Backlight Modules
* Reinstall the Backlight 2 Framework Module, by clicking Reinstall next to the module-framework line.
* Copy the file backlight/env.php.skel to backlight/env.php
* If the file already has this line in it:

//define('SUPPRESS_NOTICES', true);

then uncomment it by removing the leading slashes so it looks like this:

define('SUPPRESS_NOTICES', true);

or just add the line like the second example above.

#18 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Rewrite Engine needed in .htaccess? » 2018-11-21 04:57:24


I’m glad that worked. I suspect that with your initial approach the .hfaccess file continued to do additional processing after the 301 line. By using RewriteRule, there’s the opportunity to tell the web server to stop processing further rules after that rule matches. That is what the “L” in the square brackets does.

#19 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Client logout of CRG (need BL2 code) » 2018-11-20 21:12:36


Hi Pete, the logout link for BL2 should point to  (replacing with your actual site URL).

#20 Re: Backlight 2 Support » BL2 install anomalies » 2018-11-20 18:14:37


That's strange.  I usually find that control panels are completely separate from the main site, typically at a different URL or port.

Can you check whether there is a folder within public_html called cpanel, and whether there is an .htaccess file within it (you may need to tell your FTP software to show hidden files).  If there is a directory, but there is no .htaccess file then try creating one with the following contents and see whether that solves it.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
	RewriteEngine Off

For the contact page problem, can you share your site URL and which addresses aren't working as expected?

#21 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Rewrite Engine needed in .htaccess? » 2018-11-20 18:07:41


This rule should do what you need, added directly under RewriteEngine On:

RewriteRule ^travel$ [R=301,L] 

Change to your actual site URL.  I've tested this, and the other .htaccess rules still work as expected.

#22 Re: Backlight 2 Support » A couple of small issues » 2018-11-20 17:55:08


Thanks for the access.  I can see the problem now.  The check for valid Album Title looks for any type of letter, from English to Chinese characters.  But I didn't realise that all-numeric titles aren't included in that test.  I've put in a fix in my working code, which will be updated in the next maintenance release.

#23 Re: Backlight 2 Support » API lightroom - publisher » 2018-11-20 05:18:02


Hi Edwin, can you please provide a Backlight admin login via email so I can look into this?

#24 Re: Backlight 2 Support » A couple of small issues » 2018-11-18 20:59:57


The first issue isn't something I've come across.  Can you share a Backlight admin login and details of an album via email?

The publishing mechanism hasn't changed between Backlight 1 and 2.  That's either been an ongoing problem from earlier versions, or something that's come about as Lightroom has been updated.  The programming interface with Lightroom is quite limited, so there's not much we can do to improve the handling of cancelling tasks.  Some of the problem may be due to our approach to have multiple rendition published for each photo and that not playing well with the task lifecycle management within Lightroom.

#25 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Problem with image uploads in BL2 » 2018-11-16 09:20:10


Hi Mark, it's strange that the metadata is broken on that one image.  Can you email me another image from Capture 1 that does upload?  I'll see how the metadata structures differ.

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