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#1 Re: Backlight 3 Support » Stumped by the footer » 2020-06-11 05:52:59

You are right. Even after cleaning the template cache, on Chrome the cache is "sticky" so I have to purge the navigation settings. I tried it on a few other browsers and its ok.


P.S. By the way, I lost that url for the new forum platform. Can you remind me?

#2 Re: Backlight 3 Support » Stumped by the footer » 2020-06-11 05:33:46

Works great in French but for some reason, not in English. No big deal, won't lose any sleep over it.

Thanks Rod.

P.S. I guess that from now on, it's gonna be the new forum platform. See you there.

#3 Backlight 3 Support » Stumped by the footer » 2020-06-05 02:39:39

Replies: 6

This is a CE4 site upgraded to Backlight, then Backlight 2 and now Backlight 3. All is well except for the footer in the large image display. Here is one of those pages: … s/08-etes/

Whereas all the other pages are in Helvetica Neue italic :

the large display page is in Helvetica Neue but not italic. Also, the spacing between the date and the name is incorrect.

I've checked all the footer settings for all templates and they seem identical. I can edit that footer in the Inspector, but that's only as a preview, not permanent.

You may wonder about the CSS:

.copyright p{
	font-style: italic;
	text-align: center;

What's at fault here?

#4 Re: Backlight Showcase » Most of my career on line... » 2020-06-03 07:43:54

Thank you for the kind words, Matthew. I hope I get to finish this "labour of love" so to speak. And, in the process, I'll probably be in touch through the Forum in order to straighten me out on some of the finer points of web publishing with Backlight.
Rod, Daniel, Ben and yourself have been instrumental in getting this big bird off the ground. I can't thank you enough!

#5 Backlight Showcase » Most of my career on line... » 2020-06-02 22:03:58

Replies: 2

For over thirty years, I have been documenting set designs for the theatre, in Montréal.  Still working, though presently confined because of the pandemic, I have decided to upload most if not all of my stage photographs. It is quite an undertaking since I have shot over 300 plays.
The site is and will be in design and construction for a while still. But, I thought some people would like to have a peak.
I'm going (for now) for a minimalist design that looks the same (almost) on the large screen and the mobile. It's in French, but there is practically no text, yet.
When finished, it will be sort of an illustrated database of stage productions I have witnessed since 1984!

#6 Re: Backlight 3 Support » Display discrepancies with different browsers » 2020-05-23 02:23:00

I am using Safari 13.1 on a MacPro running High Sierra. I cleared the browser cache twice. Still the same display. I guess it must be a local problem then. Looks like this:

I think I may have found the culprit in "settings for this web site":

Both top items where checked. Un-checked them and refreshed the page. Voilà!

Hope this is a viable solution.

#7 Backlight 3 Support » Display discrepancies with different browsers » 2020-05-23 01:22:06

Replies: 4

For some reason, this site ( does not display quite the same on different browsers. I've tried it on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Safari.
Sometimes the type is a bit larger/smaller and some elements of the page slightly displaced. Nothing much, really.
But in Safari, this page on the Fr side, displays a white background with black text somewhat like a Word document. The pdf link still works but this not at all the intended design of the page.

Why is this?

#9 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » Strange behavior » 2020-05-21 07:56:10

I will certainly plan ahead in future HTML text composing, Rod.
However, this time I think I found the offending characters.

It's Daniel who pointed the way in indicating that the first English text line was "too early". In fact, upon further review (I miss the NFL) I found that there was a </div> at the end of the first line of English text. Removed it and voilà!

Thanks, guys.

#10 Backlight 3 Customization » Strange behavior » 2020-05-21 04:46:18

Replies: 5

It's sort of like "two steps forward, one step back!"

I just finished installing a link towards a pdf file on both the Fr and En sides. Lo and behold, on the Fr side, two icons appear, each leading to the corresponding Fr and En pdf's. Only one, the correct one appears on the En side.

But wait, there's more! This manoeuvre plays havoc with the navigation that shifted to the left on both "About" and "A propos" pages.

I'm investigating.

The code used to do all this:

<div data-lang="fr">
<p>Après un Bac en Arts et Communication à Loyola-Concordia, Marc Charlebois se retrouve sur le plateau de "Quintet" de Robert Altman en février 1978. Il est en charge de l’épandage de sel sur les escaliers qui mènent aux plateaux arrosés la nuit par les pompiers et du 'Kraft'.</p>
<p>Il a surtout la chance d’assister aux projections de tous les 'rushes' du directeur de la photographie Jean Boffety.</p>
<p>Dans les quelques vingt années qui suivent il travaille comme assistant-éclairagiste et chef-éclairagiste. 
Il a la chance de côtoyer des directeurs de la photographie inspirants tel que Thomas Vamos, Alain Dostie, Guy Dufaux, Pierre Mignot, Karol Ike, Lajos Koltaï, Raoul Coutard, François Catonné, Michel Brault 
et Philippe Rousselot.</p>
<p>Marc Charlebois fait de la direction photo depuis 1993.</p>
<p><br>Un CV complet et téléchargeable est disponible en cliquant sur le bouton rouge...</p>
<a href=""><img src="" width="64" class="aligncenter" alt="CV téléchargeable" title="CV Marc Charlebois" style="border: 1px red solid;"></a></div>

<div data-lang="en">

<p>A complete resume is available by cliking the red icon.</p></div>
<a href=""><img src="" width="64" class="aligncenter" alt="CV téléchargeable" title="CV Marc Charlebois" style="border: 1px red solid;"></a></div>

What did I miss?

#11 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » Album set thumbnail behavior » 2020-05-21 04:29:11

Thanks, Daniel and Rod. That extra code got rid of the line in the En version. The Fr version remains the same.

As for the CSS, I'll review it and look at what I can change in Backlight. This whole segment started when I tried to change thumbnail size with Backlight but couldn't...

#12 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » Album set thumbnail behavior » 2020-05-21 02:29:51

I am using this CSS I lifted from another site I designed. I adapted it to control these thumbnails:

/* album-set thumbnails */
.the__albumSet figure {
position : relative;
border-radius : 1px;
box-shadow : 4px 4px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
height : 185px;
width : 320px;
/* album-set thumbnail border hover effect */
.the__albumSet figure {
padding : .1rem .1rem;
border : rgb(0, 0, 0) solid 1px;
background : transparent;
font-size : 0.6rem;
border-radius : 2px;
.the__albumSet figure:hover {
cursor : pointer;
background : rgb(206, 196, 182);
color : black;

Notice I set the thumbnail height to 185px and the width to 320px. That's because I want a 16:9 ration (this being a cinematographer's site). If you calculate, 16:9 should come to 320x180px. The extra 5px is used so that I have a symetrical border on hover in the Fr. But it creates a 1px grey line in the En. I'm still playing around the CSS to find the offending line, if any.
Also, these thumbnails should be ICONIC. I do not wish to have titles under the thumbnails. However, the space for a title is still there.

#13 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » Album set thumbnail behavior » 2020-05-21 02:08:08

Having published these thumbnails directly with Backlight and not thru LR, I'm not too sure how to republish.

Still, it is strange that the same images appear differently whatever language is used.

#14 Backlight 3 Customization » Album set thumbnail behavior » 2020-05-21 01:06:24

Replies: 7

Album-set thumbnails should have no borders and a .1 rem grey border when hover. This is a bilingual site using the language switch. When in Fr, thumbnails are fine as intended. But, when in En, there is a slight grey line below the thumbnails. Same CSS file used throughout.
What could cause this?

#16 Backlight 3 Customization » Controlling description in Iconic album set » 2020-05-16 01:01:30

Replies: 2

Since the thumbnail titles can't be multi-lingual, I guess I'll try to do away with them altogether. Aren't ICONIC thumbnails supposed to not have titles? Anyway, I can't find where to control the title display, so I changed the colour in the Album-set>info to black. Nothing changes.
Should I go with some kind of display: none; command in CSS?

#18 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 08:09:50

- Daniel, I'm trying to get this language switch to be somewhat more direct. As it is, when showing "Fr" it's because you are on the English side and, I suppose, you want to go on the French side. I too think it's a bit convoluted. This method would work better if by clicking the FR or EN button, you could land on the corresponding language page directly. As it is, whatever language symbol appears on the button, you still have to select from a drop-down menu. So, I think I'll look for a suitable icon that would just say "language switch".

- Rod, I think you are right again about the album-titles. Not only the boxes are very small, but Backlight does not seem to take well to the HTML code. It takes it for part of the title. And that code you corrected was to be used to try to get the multi-language effect for the titles but sadly, it does not work.

#19 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 06:18:29

I think I correctly identified the album set template but I'm not too sure how to use this. My album-set identifier is
marcogalleryset. I want to keep the thumbnail images, of course. So, for now all I have is

.album-set-template-identifier-marcogalleryset #albums

but of course, it doesn't do anything yet.
How can I apply this with the multi-language album titles?

#20 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 05:41:09

As for the album titles, I placed this code in the Album Title box of the Album:

<div data-lang="fr">UNE HISTOIRE À FAIRE PEUR</div> <div data-lang="en">A GOOD LIE</div>

All the code shows up in the title.

#21 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 04:54:34

I had not seen your previous post, sorry. I also had seen that bit of CSS but did not know how to make it specific.
I guess it's part of learning as you go, or as the French would say "sur le tas"!

It works fine now. Thanks

#22 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 04:22:11

Re-wrote the code in Visual Studio Code. I inspected the quote marks with a loupe and they are as straight as they can be and yet, still the French text is to the right and the English text is centred!
As a matter of fact, the French code is above the English code.
But reversing this order, the English code line on top will generate English text to the right and, you guessed it, the French text dead center.

So, it's gotta be something else.

#23 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 04:03:06

Maybe the quotes are slanted because my system is French. I tried using ATOM, SUBLIME TEXT and BRACKETS as well as writing directly in Backlight.
So, I copied the code Rod sent and...the French text is to the right but the good news is, the English text is centred.

#24 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 03:24:30

Here is a strange one. I tried the code suggested, but no text appeared. Then desperate, I reverted to the previous code but removed the offending <center></center>

<div data-lang="fr"> HISTOIRE À FAIRE PEUR<br>Long métrage de Shawn Linden</div>

<div data-lang="en"> A GOOD LIE<br>Feature film by Shawn Linden </div>

. You would think that both Fr and En text would be aligned the same. But no: the Fr side is to the right and the En side to the left!

#25 Re: Backlight 3 Customization » multi language support » 2020-05-15 03:16:05

I changed the code to

<div style=“text-align:center:” data-lang=“fr”> 
HISTOIRE À FAIRE PEUR<br>Long métrage de Shawn Linden </div>

<div style=“text-align:center:” data-lang=“en”> 
A GOOD LIE<br>Feature film by Shawn Linden </div>

Now I have no text under the video!

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