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#2 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-08 03:57:12

I See - thanks Rod. Im not very Java Script / PHP literate so please mind my questions.
Would using that script thru JSON api definitely work or a maybe/not sure?

#3 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-08 03:12:01

Thanks Daniel - Yes it's very specific display option, but something that's really applied specifically to our business for our clients and we've used for 10 years. Im in casting and often times we need to compare or pair faces side by side, and being able to highlight multiple photos at once is crucial.

Does the Highslide PHP come with one of the specific BL3 Add Ons? Just want to ensure Im getting what i need before spending the money.

#4 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-08 02:23:49

@Daniel - You can use pop up comparative mode with PHP Plugins in Backlight 3?

#5 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-08 01:45:20

Right - is a direct sale available? Guessing its a Matt question.

#6 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-08 01:16:44

Thanks Rod - I wasnt able to confirm that in any of the examples I was finding on the CE4 Demos -

Do we know if its still possible to purchase the CE3 / CE4 versions? I reached out to Matthew but havent heard anything.

#7 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-08 00:00:04

No, it's the pop-out, side-by-side comparison feature that lets you enlarge, drag, resize multiple photos and videos at once. The later versions seems to have adopted the single photo light box style like the Theater Module.
I believe the CE2 CRG version called it highslide "proofing" but it's morphed since then.

You can see it in the CE3 link I included. It doesnt look like CE4 used it but I might be wrong.

#8 CE4 Client Response Gallery » Highslide Comparative Mode? (CE3 CRG) » 2020-05-07 23:13:48

Replies: 17

Hi All -

Currently using a very old CE2 CRG version 4.02 gallery for for our business - never updated mainly because we customized a lot of the templates and everything was working pretty much perfectly. 

I was looking to use the down time to upgrade to Backlight 3, but I noticed the latest versions dont utilize the highslide comparative mode (side by side comparison, including video). Its a feature with use with our clients and essentially mandatory for our business.

I've spent the better part of the day backtracking through update documentations and it looks like CE3 CRG was the last version to use this, unless Im mistaken? Using this sample link for reference: … sonry-hsc/

I know it's been outdated and the team no longer support those versions, but would it be possible to get an update to the last version of CE3 CRG (unless a later version has this feature and Im mistaken)?

Happy to pay the upgrade cost I just dont see an option to purchase it anywhere nor anything in the forums.

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