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#1 Re: CE4 Pages » CE4 Homepage Slideshow Has "Disappeared" - NEED HELP URGENTLY » 2019-10-31 23:22:53

Rod will check if update makes difference. May consider Backlight. As you know it was very very time consuming just to get the CE4 sites up and running. It is just not as simple as the marketing statement "your a photographer, be a photographer". One has to know basically everything about the current web architecture, every component, the nomenclature/language. Everything...and then some. Sure you may not "have to code" but that is really irrelevant. It's really hard to wrap my head around wanting to do it all over again...but may. We'll see.

#2 Re: CE4 Pages » CE4 Homepage Slideshow Has "Disappeared" - NEED HELP URGENTLY » 2019-10-18 23:17:38

Don't remember doing that re. SSL...been a long time. When I posted link earlier I may have inadvertently added the "s" to http...

#3 Re: CE4 Pages » CE4 Homepage Slideshow Has "Disappeared" - NEED HELP URGENTLY » 2019-10-18 21:26:11

I know strange...don't remember that either. The HTML pages do contain though, the "custom" HTML for e.g., the Services page...there is some spacing info. for diff. parts of text entries for the Services page that is actually reflected in the actual live web page. Like it is an exact replication of what I input in the CE4 Pages input boxes.

#4 Re: CE4 Pages » CE4 Homepage Slideshow Has "Disappeared" - NEED HELP URGENTLY » 2019-10-18 21:11:28

Rod  - still working on it...having to fit it in with lack of time. Question. One thing I noticed which doesn't have to do with orig. issue is that on my server where existing problem website files reside -  there are three HTML files. "index", "info-main", "services-main". I just exported a new CE4 Pages test version of site but it had no HTML pages? - but of course had the PHP files index, info, and services (along with some other PHP etc.). I remember doing some HTML tweaking - but can't figure out why those pages are occurring - if CE4 Pages didn't generate them?

#6 CE4 Pages » CE4 Homepage Slideshow Has "Disappeared" - NEED HELP URGENTLY » 2019-10-18 03:47:59

Replies: 11

By way of introduction - have been using TTG since the beginning - but have very little knowledge about website construction/terminology/nomenclature/structure etc. My sites currently are CE4 and I was able to get these up and running with a lot of help from Rod. B.

One of my sites had been working well since it went up in 2014 - but for reasons can't go into I had lost domain temporarily and all the website files with it. I had made a number of "corrections/alterations" (tinkering) to site several years ago via the FTP client (not via the TTG LR templates/webengines) and didn't backup a copy of the latest iteration. So, I went back to find the latest copy I could and uploaded it to server and everything was as it was and looked fine - EXCEPT FOR - the homepage slide show was not there?!? I exported a new copy via LR but it didn't have the current "look" or the various changes to various page layouts/menu/link embeds etc. - but the slideshow did appear and worked.

If someone Matt, Ben, or other could take a look at this issue and direct me to the problem so I can fix/attempt to fix this version of site it would be greatly appreciated. Rod mentioned it might have something to do with missing jQuery something - but I have no idea aobut what this means or how it affects a slideshow being visible or not. I can send files if necessary. Again, to be clear, I don't know much about the terminology and how the various components work as a rule - it took a lot just to get my sites running.  Site following.


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