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#1 Re: Backlight Support » Lightroom error » 2018-11-15 11:22:57

Yes, I am over due for an update. Everything has been so stable and working so well for a couple of years now, that I didn't want to mess with it. If I upgrade from 1.0.4 to 2.0 will I need to reset any of my current settings for publishing? I'll read up on it, I am sure you have it listed with the download files. Thanks for such a great product.

#2 Re: Backlight Support » Lightroom error » 2018-11-15 10:11:01

Aloha, I am having the same error message. Was this every resolved?

"The rendition could not be created.  Please ensure that the original file name is accessible, especially when stored on external or network storage."

Trying to publish a thumbnail.
OS X 10.13.6
LR Classic CC Release:8 Raw:11

TTG Backlight version: 1.0.4

I plugged in an external drive that had a previously posted thumbnail from a few weeks ago, but it had an update pending. I automatically assumed the error was for the new thumbnail I was posting.

#3 Re: Backlight Support » Page error: 404 - Not Found » 2016-07-21 03:09:47

Okay, 100% user error. Not a Backlight issue. I inadvertently deleted the index.php file when I was cleaning out old files from CE3 and 4. I didn't notice because I was not using pages at the time. A week after buying Backlight I added pages and there was no index.php file to write to. MAHALO BEN!

#4 Re: Backlight Support » Page error: 404 - Not Found » 2016-07-20 15:57:26

First off thank you Ben. I really appreciate your help I know you are super busy. I reposted the .htaccess file as is. No luck. under PHP 5.4  or 5.6 Fast CGI with and without the recommended "# Edit this section for servers using FastCGI" I also tried the un-modified .htaccess file without using-FastCGI and same problem. I did get different errors depending on the modification.

The un-modified.htaccess  I get "Internal Server Error 500" with the recommended modifications "Edit this section for servers using FastCGI" I get "404 Error File Not Found" So I will leave it as the modified for FastCGI version for now as it shows my bluehost error page.

This is only happening on pages created in "TTG Pages" my backlight galleries and CRG are working beautifully. I know you are just getting the bugs out, thank you again TTG for making an awesome product. The site I am working on is slowly coming alone. You can see the errors I am mentioning at this gets you in to see the gallery links working. The errors are on the (Home) link which is "Link to" URL for testing Sven suggestion, and the other errors are on the (Information) and (Contact) links using "Link to" page in the menu template in Backlight Menu Set.

Ben I sent you new login for BL and FTP feel free to tweak settings if you think of something, and let me know if you want me to change from the current 5.6 FastCGI setting?

#5 Re: Backlight Support » Page error: 404 - Not Found » 2016-07-20 13:56:44

Hi, I too am having the issue with pages Sven. Ben sent me some suggestions, I tried but no luck. I know the ttg team is busy, so I thought I would ask you Sven what the complete .htaccess file is suppose to look like. It sounds like you tried turning php to not use 5.6 Fast Cgi and then switched back to using 5.6 Fast CGI. Could you confirm your working settings for php and post the full text of the .htmaccess file using text? I understand setting the direct url, but that isn't working for me either. So I thought I would copy your settings and work from there.

#6 Re: CE4 Client Response Gallery » Very slow CE4 CRG response to update total and submit error » 2016-07-17 05:51:28

Good news after many hours of testing different settings and configurations, and working with Ben from TTG (Awesome support). And a couple of very unsuccessful support calls to Bluehost. They did not want to accept that the SQlite worked perfect on a shared server and when hosted on my cloud server with the same settings the cloud based server added 2,500-7,500.00 milliseconds of latency with identical settings. I tried turning off and on cache "Varnish" on the bluehost cloudservers and I trying different versions of php 5.4 thru 5.6.... settings with no success. So I decide to downgrade my Bluehost Cloudhosting Plan to the basic shared plus hosting account with Bluehost. And it is perfect. The test page is running at 3.85 Milliseconds. Bluehost is great, I was just unfortunate to run into two not so helpful support people. I have been with bluehost since 2007 and will continue. Thanks again Ben!

debug results

time taken to process request 1: 3.856897354126 milliseconds
time taken to process request 2: 4.1849613189697 milliseconds
time taken to process request: 4.1959285736084 milliseconds
time taken to process request 4: 5.2218437194824 milliseconds
time taken to process request 5: 5.3539276123047 milliseconds

#7 CE4 Client Response Gallery » Very slow CE4 CRG response to update total and submit error » 2016-07-13 15:26:46

Replies: 1

Trying to get CE4 CRM to run smoother with the selecting images and submitting the order. Hosted on Blueshost and our older CE3 CRM pages works fast, but the email stopped working so we upgraded to CE4 yesterday so I am running the latest versions of both. Thinking I did something wrong on the initial setup to cause the slow response from clicking to the count updating. I deleted the entire folder and reposted the ttg-be folder, activated it by logging in, installed crg folder, activated it by logging in and going into setup. Built a new site in LR Cloud, and uploaded from LR and another test with FTP. And I still have really slow response, like 5-8 seconds after clicking on an image it adds to the count. And when submitting we get no response for 10-30 seconds then, "Something went wrong. You are not currently logged in. Please reload the page to continue. (1)" Then I get "Your feedback has been submitted. We will be in touch shortly." Help please I have spent hours with no luck, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Link to sample

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